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KMO Consulting, LLC


KMO Consulting, LLC


Early Affiliate PR authority & expert, KMO brings 15+ years managing & scaling 50+ DTC category-leading brands' programs and training 250+ PR professionals & the Conde Nast editorial team Affiliate PR. KMO's adaptable services are anchored in a strategic balance of metrics & intuitive foresight.

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Kaila O'Connor

CEO & Founder

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“I just joined the Affiliate PR Club this week and I’ve been addicted to the replays. Thank you so much for creating a space like this. Just wanted to start the week giving a shoutout to Kaila O’Connor for this group. I connected with Arielle from TheKnot after rewatching her August Q&A video and we are going to work together on some editorial opportunities that give TheKnot readers a 15% off coupon for one of my clients and give TheKnot an 18% commission on Shareasale. My client is a BIPOC-owned menswear brand and she said they will have a huge push for fashion content (men & women) beginning Q1 2023 so highly recommend if anyone has clients that work to reach out She was very responsive and so nice (I dropped 'affiliate club' in my subject line to try to stand out). Last year we did a 3 month project for said client and got an inclusion in one roundup on TK that drove a 200% increase in web traffic in one month. So now that we've re-engaged for Q4 AND we've got affiliate set up, to further incentivize TK to cover us, we are hoping it will be even better! Wouldn't have been able to do it without this group thank you K!"
- Megan Harris Co-Founder of The Tropical Agency



Agency Type

PR agency


Year Founded: 2020

Number of Employees: 1

Countries with Employees: North America


Affiliate Marketing, Performance PR

Primary Verticals

DTC, Education, Subscription, Travel