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Conscious marketers know that aligning a brand’s mission with the values and principles of its customers helps to embrace a more respectful, relevant, and kind way of reaching people. Achieving a people-first approach to marketing and advertising across a business, results in increased trust, thriving engagement, and lifelong loyalty. Conscious marketing is the key to more relevant, respectful, and consequently successful, campaigns.

Getting conscious marketing right is vital to the success and growth of brands, and future identity solutions will undoubtedly involve conscious marketing. But how can marketers and advertisers hone their skillsets to better harness the principles of conscious marketing? Here are 10 mindset traits all conscious marketers should embody if you haven’t already.

  1. Devoted to Truthfulness
    Did you know that 86 percent of consumers say that authenticity is an essential factor in deciding what brands they like and support? Truthfulness goes beyond any one individual ad campaign, and deeper into the character of your brand, employees, and partners. Doing due diligence to ensure any campaigns ran are thoroughly researched, accurate, and up-to-date will help to uphold your personal brand and the integrity of your organization. Conscious marketers know the value of honesty and adhere to it.

  2. Known as Trailblazers
    Pioneering new ideas can be a challenge. From organizational buy-in, to resistance when it comes to change, to the ability to be a strong leader, innovation is never easy. But conscious marketers are trailblazers; they want to set an example of strong leadership, and know that it’s done through taking ownership and paving the way. New concepts, campaigns, and ideas are no stranger to the conscious marketer—they know how to get it done.

  3. Does What is Right
    Conscious marketers know that doing what’s right isn’t always what’s easiest. As a marketer or advertiser, you are given the access to private information, and it’s vital that data is held with the utmost care. For example…
    • Only use the data that’s necessary to create a customized experience, and do not collect information simply because you are able to.
    • De-bias data sets to avoid sending outdated, insulting, or alienating messages.
    • Be precise in your communications. Don’t exhaust or annoy people with repetitive messaging.
    • Be privacy-conscious, and always address people with kindness and sensitivity.

  4. Stays Curious
    Curiosity is a strong desire used for spotting new trends, managing messaging ambiguity, identifying opportunities, and mitigating risks. Especially in the world of marketing and advertising, curiosity is a powerful skill. Research has shown that curiosity in the workplace fuels engagement among employees, allows for better collaboration, and fortifies organizational resilience. Curiosity is a core element conscious marketers embody in and outside of their workplace.

  5. Purpose, People, and Data Driven
    What makes a conscious marketer, above all, is their passion for communicating with people through respectful and deliberate means, while also being responsible to their own brand. Because some means of data collection, such as cookies, can be inaccurate, many messages reached the wrong people, resulting in intrusive or even alienating messaging. Measuring performance is also vital to making necessary changes going forward. Conscious marketers know the value in connecting the human element to the proven result.

  6. Values Unity
    Creating an ecosystem of trust and unity is vital to creating brand confidence and value. That means uniting brands, partners, marketers, and advertisers on their shared value system, and creating an environment of harmony. Your network should be aligned, and if not quite there yet, conscious marketers are doing everything in their power to get there.

  7. Makes an Impact
    Conscious marketers strive to make an impact wherever they go. Whether it’s standing up for what is right, actively working to fight unconscious bias, promising only things that can actually be delivered, or helping people make informed purchasing decisions, conscious marketers want to make a long-lasting impact, not just on their organization, but on the entire marketing industry. They are driven by the desire to make an impact at every step of the journey, that is noticed by others.

  8. Perseveres With a Positive Attitude
    When the going gets tough… well, you know the phrase. No matter what challenges lie ahead, conscious marketers are able to ride out stormy weather and rough seas because they have confidence in themselves.

  9. Empowers Others
    Conscious marketers aren’t just empowered individuals, but they also make sure to empower others. Research frequently shows that when employees feel empowered at work, they often have stronger job performance levels, higher job satisfaction, and a greater commitment to the organization. Conscious marketers want to uplift those around them and help them shine.

  10. Filled With Passion
    Conscious marketers are passionate people. They are often leaders, spokespeople, and cheerleaders within their teams and the greater organization. They are well known for their passion in taking a holistic approach to ensure diversity, inclusion, and ethical practice is taking place across all parts of the brand ecosystem. They believe that conscious marketing isn’t just an option, but a responsibility, and those who prioritize it, build a more ethical business and enable greater loyalty, more relevant customer relationships, and form a ‘virtuous loop’ across all activities. Conscious marketers should live, breathe, and embody ethical business practices and processes, everywhere.

We believe that conscious marketing is the only kind of marketing, so we take our time to focus on what’s right to drive the industry forward. Looking to learn more about conscious marketing? Check out some real life examples here.