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TopList: 14 Tech Partners & Integrations to Help You Hit Your Affiliate Marketing Number This Year.

May 27, 2023 by Michael McNerney, Publisher, Martech Record

One of the hottest areas of affiliate is integrating performance-based tech solutions to improve results. For brands, affiliate offers a fantastic way to implement innovative tech without having to pay exorbitant upfront costs or sign long-term deals. When partners are willing to charge based on results, it clears the way for more innovation and experimentation and helps affiliate play an even more critical role in brand success. 


2023 has been a challenging year in many categories. Explore the tech options in this article to help your brand accelerate sales and profit for 2023 and beyond.




GoCertify: Many affiliate programs are now offering group discounts to specific audiences. But they need technology to help them verify eligibility when people come to the site requesting these deals. GoCertify offers multiple ways for site visitors to confirm their eligibility for specific offers, like submitting ids. For example, GoCertify can validate students, over 60s, UK NHS health system employees, police and firefighters, and many other audiences. Certification ensures your offers are limited to your intended audiences, dramatically simplifying everything from forecasting to fulfillment.


Upsellit: One of the most popular tech partners for affiliate leaders, Upsellit is a conversion rate optimization solution designed to capture and convert traffic otherwise lost by e-commerce sites. In addition to their broadly used email retargeting programs, Upsellit also offers on-site CPL tools and a retargeting accelerator that can identify 5-35% of your anonymous traffic for remarketing. Upsellit is easy to integrate and well respected for its client service. Another popular offering is their Coupon Management System that help advertisers rationalize and safeguard their coupon strategies and program to ensure they achieve the desired objectives. 


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