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5 Types of Tech Every Publisher Needs to Kick Off a Commerce Strategy

Apr 5, 2023 by Gabe Carey, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Acceleramota

Affiliate marketing, commerce content, service journalism – whatever you call it, monetizing your organic editorial work can be a lucrative revenue stream when paired with an effective content strategy. 


Introducing an affiliate model to your media business can be simple enough to incorporate into  your existing workflow. The utilities we have at our disposal in 2023 make creating, placing, and tracking links a breeze for those managing the business and the editorial staff producing the content. However, despite the proliferation of software designed to make our lives easier, the costs can quickly snowball into one big financial burden.

No matter which product categories you plan on covering, it's important to prepare for the affiliate journey ahead. Set your site up for success with the top tech to improve your team's efficiency. Just be careful not to overreach on expenditures. Affiliate tools are not one-size-fits-all. While some are geared toward smaller companies with low overhead, others are meant for enterprise organizations with sophisticated teams. Before signing on the dotted line, always perform a cost-benefit analysis first to guarantee a positive return on investment.


Sub-affiliate networks


Building a new publication is an ambitious undertaking for anyone, but it can be especially stressful for small teams with fewer resources. Maybe you don't have the budget yet to hire someone dedicated to managing affiliate relations. That's when sub-affiliate networks come in handy, assuming you're willing to share a percentage of the earnings you net with a third party.

You may be familiar with some bigger players, like Skimlinks, which serves as a buffer between the publisher and the brand providing the commission. Instead of speaking face-to-face with brand managers, sub-affiliate platforms do the heavy lifting for you, with tens of thousands of brands to pick from. There is no need to apply for individual programs or fill your calendar with Zoom calls. Skimlinks also isn't the only option.

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