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After The Creator Gold Rush

Jun 7, 2023 by Mike Mallazzo, Principal, Forum Brands

And Onto Building the Creator California  

As eCommerce brands wildly tried to gobble market share during peak COIVD and zero interest mania, once in a lifetime arbitrage opportunities flowed like milk and honey for any influencer with a pulse. Brands spent downright lustily on creator sponsorships, largely unable to track any performance metrics beyond reach and social chatter. Inspirationally, this enabled hundreds of creators to come from relative obscurity to create generational wealth in a matter of months. 


But in retrospect, the creator economy exploded before any of its tools or platforms were ready for primetime, creating massive market inefficiencies. Ironically, this meant that many outstanding micro creators who actually drive sustainable revenue for brands largely and unfairly missed out on the cash orgy. 

However, in a post arbitrage world, partnering with micro creators at significant scale will be the key to profitable customer acquisition for brands. With the gold rush over and the tourists gone, now is the time when technology will be built to unlock the true potential of creators as the main growth lever for commerce in the 2020s.


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