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Product Review Post: 5 overlooked browser extensions that over perform for marketers.

Feb 23, 2024 by Mike Mallazzo, Contributing Editor, Martech Record

Time and time again, the existential question that dogs tech vendors in the affiliate space is one of total addressable market. To the uninitiated, there’s a perception that the entirety of affiliate is just a cute little rounding error in the Google and Facebook budget. Thus, any move in the market that proves that notion nonsense is particularly interesting. 

When Paypal bought Honey for $4B at a mind-boggling 40X multiple on revenue, it was something of a watershed moment for the affiliate ecosystem. Any VCs that questioned whether the market size of affiliate could support a venture scale exit retreated with their tails between their legs as Honey’s seed and Series A investors returned their funds.  

Of course, in addition to being a straightforward affiliate business, Honey is also a browser extension. Browser extensions are a brutally overlooked part of the tech ecosystem and boast some of the most fascinating unit economics and revenue to employee numbers in all of tech. Builtwith, a browser extension for seeing the tech stack that powers websites does >$15M ARR with ZERO employees.  

With this in mind, this month’s product post looks at five affiliate adjacent browser extensions that are each microcosmic of broader trends in the zeitgeist. Let’s get to it:


Lolli: With a Bitcoin ETF approved, this feels like a good time to check in on Lolli, which recently closed its $8M Series B. Lolli’s marketing has always been fascinating to me– founder Alex Adelman has centered the brand 100% around being a spokesperson for bitcoin supremacy, almost to the point of caricature. Under the hood though, it’s a simple affiliate business that simply deals in bitcoin instead of cash. One reason I’m hyper-bullish on the core Lolli business is that early and even mid-stage bitcoin adopters profile younger, high-income and ahead of the curve on trends– essentially the core audience brands want to reach. If I’m a buzzy DTC or legacy brand, I’d happily offer a higher rate to Lolli vs conventional coupon and cashback websites, banking on the fact that incrementality will come from reaching a higher LTC consumer. Even if Lolli’s larger fintech/crypto endgame never comes to fruition, I could see this dynamic alone netting a really nice acquisition within the core affiliate sphere. 



Vetted.AI: Once exclusively a browser extension known as Lustre, Vetted has undergone a semi-pivot as a chat-based, personal shopping assistant. AI tools are only as good as the data you train them on and Vetted does a brilliant job of aggregating expert reviews from top, authoritative, and editorially sacrosanct  affiliate publications along with Reddit and user reviews. Amidst AI mania, I understand the reason for the semi-pivot but personal shopping assistants have conventionally been a startup graveyard while Vetted’s initial product, which embedded into Google and Amazon search, had a strong wow factor.  At some point though, conversational commerce won’t be vaporware and if Vetted can be the first company to capture that, the payoff would be huge. 


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