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CJ partners to accelerate APAC growth

Sep 12, 2023 by Michael McNerney, Publisher , Martech Record

Today CJ announced a partnership with Singapore based adtech company Tyroo Technologies. The partnership grants Tyroo exclusive rights to act as CJ's representative in Asia. The partnership will be known as Tyroo | CJ. CJ hopes that Tyroo's experience with the Asian publisher landscape will allow them to build a more effective go-to-market strategy. 

The Asian affiliate marketing landscape is challenging due to the fractured nature of language, currency and culture. Often overlooked in the challenges is how different the publisher landscape is. The business models are different, the platforms are different and the commercial opportunities are different. CJ evaluated this challenge and chose to tap into local expertise. 

According to CJ CEO Mayur Kshetramade and Tyroo CEO Siddharth Puri the partnership will focus on building a local go-to-market strategy, localizing the product and managing the unique opportunities on the supply side in teh APAC region. Kshetramade descibed the partnership as an "exclusive global expansion partnership."

This partnership is interesting because it gives us three different models to watch in the coming years. has chosen to build their own local offices, hiring local talent and building up infrastructure. Awin has taken an acquisition approach, acquiring ShareASale in the US, Commission Factory in Australia and others. 

Asia has always been the most difficult challenge and the biggest opportunity. With the majority of the world's population, a mobile first environment, consumer willingness to engage on platforms like chat and a vastly different regulatory environment local expertise is a requirement. 

The new offering will be called "Tyroo | CJ."