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As the worlds of PR, content creation, and strategic brand partnerships continue to overlap with partnerships, many brands see affiliate marketing as a powerful strategy for growing their businesses. 

Here is a handy guide on how to structure your team for the ever-expanding world of the affiliate industry.

First up, the Account Director


The emergence of newer models in the partnership landscape prompts the need for a more robust strategy. Businesses should have a senior leader whose main focus is on the long-term growth of the program. Look for someone with at least five years of industry experience, excellent leadership skills, and the ability to work independently while managing multiple projects at once.

The roles and responsibilities of the account director would include:

  • Overseeing all managers working on partnerships
  • Ensuring a cohesive brand message
  • Working with managers on yearly or monthly budget allotment 
  • Owning the career development for direct reports
  • Developing long and short-term strategies with managers
  • Implementing tests alongside managers


Next, the Account Manager

When hiring for this role, you would want someone with previous affiliate marketing experience and a proven track record of launching and managing successful affiliate partnership programs. The account manager would be a strategic thinker who is passionate about driving revenue and other relevant KPI growth.

The roles and responsibilities of the account manager would include:

  • Booking placements
  • Making commissions shifts
  • Analyzing and drawing insights from reports
  • Content pitches
  • Setting regular meetings with publishers


Finally, the Account Coordinator

As your affiliate program grows, you’ll likely want a coordinator to support it. This person may be new to the industry, or a more junior professional in general. They’d be responsible for the day-to-day admin of running an affiliate program, so you would want someone who is detail-oriented, analytical, and has excellent communication skills.

The roles and responsibilities of the account coordinator would include:

  • Updating text links and creative and removing obsolete ads
  • Executing commission changes as directed by the account manager
  • Uploading returns files
  • Pulling reports for managerial review
  • Addressing transaction inquiries
  • Assisting with content pitches and partner recruitment
  • Collaborating on budget management

Navigating the dynamic affiliate marketing landscape requires a cohesive team. By adopting this structured approach, businesses can meet the diverse demands of the affiliate industry and pave the way for sustained growth and success.

To dive deeper into structuring your team within the larger partnerships ecosystem and gain insights into how this can benefit your business, enroll in PXA’s free course: Growing Your Business Through Digital Partnerships.