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Do You Know What You’Re Paying For? It’S Time For Transparency

Dec 21, 2020 by Martech Record
Affiliate marketing is big. The vast majority of brands (80%) and publishers (84%) leverage affiliate marketing and according to 38% of all marketers, affiliate marketing is among the number one customer acquisition methods. It’s a $7B industry in the U.S. alone. Everyone is doing it and for good reason: affiliate marketing works. But in the world of digital marketing, there’s a common gripe among the professionals that bring these affiliate marketing programs to life: there is not complete information available on affiliate marketing platforms.. Enter Martech Record. We believe that there should be an independent authority to help decision-makers actually make good, informed decisions. We also believe vendors should be held accountable to their technology, service, and pricing structures for the greater benefit of this burgeoning space. We want to set a new standard for industry information. To that end, we’ve put together the first ever Buyer’s Guide to help marketing professionals have increased transparency into affiliate marketing platforms. The guide is based on survey responses from our industry insider panel of experts. That’s right, we sought out experienced, industry professionals that are actually using these platforms to help manage affiliate marketing programs. We asked them questions about platforms’ tech, usability, service, pricing, and publisher networks. We’ve culled the survey responses from our industry panel and applied a consistent set of evaluation criteria to rank the affiliate marketing platforms as well as offer comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Are there certain platforms that have better publisher networks? Who outshines the rest when it comes to customer service? What platform’s pricing is on point? Long story, short: The Buyer’s Guide helps marketers simplify the decision making process.
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