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The Covid-19 pandemic brought a surge in online shopping, creating both an opportunity and challenge for marketers looking for new leads.

Lead generation was already a pain point for many marketers overwhelmed by competition and the sheer amount of potential customer information that is available. Then, with pandemic-related shutdowns keeping people at home on their computers and phones, more leads became available as customers interacted with brands in a variety of ways. However, an abundance of potential leads is only valuable if they can be properly managed and measured. With leads coming in from a growing number of channels and sources, marketers may struggle to find effective ways to track and reach those potential clients.

“The explosion in online marketing has caused some attribution issues,” said Brian Brown, president of Jupiter Auto Insurance.

His company licensed Phonexa’s all-in-one solution to provide control and organization to lead management, he said Jupiter was looking for a platform that could provide solutions for clicks, calls, leads, and email, Brown said. As performance budgets shift and consolidate, it’s important to understand what investments are really driving value. For Jupiter, the Phonexa platform allows for a flexible lead generation solution to follow the movements of the market.

“We currently see growth in all segments but believe the savvy marketers are starting to see ROI as paramount,” Brown said. “Top line growth is good, real profit is better!”

Lead management platforms like Phonexa can streamline the lead generation process, easing the burden on marketers and ensuring that no matter how many sources that leads are coming from, they are organized and can be used and tracked effectively. These platforms can also provide analysis of attribution data to stay on top of emerging trends and drive strategy. Technology to ensure proper lead management can also help provide more transparency, which is increasingly becoming an expectation for customers. Brown predicts that as technology continues to improve, more and more experimentation will come to lead generation alternatives, which may include AI and advanced lead conversion prediction. “There is a lot of technology coming to bear on the market and selecting the right tools can be daunting but experienced marketers understand the need to stay fresh, up to date and be aware of emerging technology,” he said. Phonexa has reinvented how marketers build strategies around calls, leads, clicks, and email with its all-in-one suite of products. The software company’s formative tools have been leveraged by an array of industry-leading marketers in the insurance, home service, and financial spaces. Each of Phonexa’s turnkey solutions were engineered to converge and boost business for brands across a diverse mix of verticals. Phonexa’s best-in-class bundle of products and rates are designed to further provide value to clients and separate itself from competition who only offer one niche service. To learn more about Phonexa’s solutions, or to schedule a demo, please contact