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How to Build a Commerce Media Business Part 3: Cost Components

May 25, 2023 by Chris Carlson

A commerce media business relies on scale, and scale relies on controlling cost so that incremental revenue does not equal incremental cost. Build the following components correctly and you will have the key ingredients to scale. 


Affiliate Ops


An Affiliate Ops team is primarily a post-production optimization team. Once your commission machine is humming and you have a balanced content strategy driving audience across channels, you will need a team to maximize the content’s lifetime value and optimize the results it drives, enter Affiliate Ops.

An Affiliate Ops team creates and manages existing commerce links, display units and widgets ensuring they are aligned with overall business objectives.  Like everything digital, the volume of data across a commerce media business is staggering and Affiliate Ops supports the team and business through analysis that drives visibility, performance improvement, risk mitigation and efficiency.  

The Affiliate Ops team will rely on data sources, tool and technology partnerships The Affiliate Ops team also manages key network and third-party technology partnerships.

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