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How to get ahead in your Partnerships Career (part 2 of 2)

Aug 28, 2023 by Jim , Nichols, Martech Record

How to Get Ahead in Your Partnerships Career (Post 2 of 2)


Editor’s note: This two-part series is about getting the success you deserve at different career stages. Post one focused on getting that first job in the industry. In this post, we will reveal the secrets of making the most of your first years and continuing to progress into more senior management. We hope you find it valuable. Also be sure to listen to our career management speaker series here

Stage Two: Knocking Your First Years Out of the Park


Now that you’re in, let’s discuss how to make those first years count. By working hard and exceeding expectations, you take a big step toward optimal advancement. 


Training and Industry Knowledge: Learning is a career-long commitment in partnerships and affiliate because our space changes rapidly. You can refer to the previous section for some recommended sources for best practices and strategic ideas to help you stay abreast – and ahead of – changes in the industry. 


Platform training is also very valuable. Many of the leading affiliate platforms and networks offer live, recorded, and self-guided training for their platforms. Remember: the more you know, the more you can do. Training on the affiliate platforms you are using is extremely valuable because many tools have capabilities most people overlook. 


Naturally, learning isn’t a task limited to the virtual classroom. James Revell, Head of eCommerce - North America at Admitad, said, “Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Build relationships with colleagues internally and externally. Be a #teamplayer.”

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