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How to Get Ahead in Your Partnerships Career (Post 1 of 2)

Aug 21, 2023 by Michael McNerney, Martech Record

This two-part series is about getting the career success you deserve. Post one focuses on getting your first job in the industry. Post two will reveal the secrets of making the most of your first years and continuing to progress into more senior roles and responsibilities. We hope you find it valuable. 

We are in an interesting time in the partnership, affiliate, commerce, PR performance, etc market. On one hand, e-commerce growth has slowed to below many of the projections that publishers, brands and platforms had made post covid, resulting in recent, quiet layoffs. On the other hand, activity on Martech Record's jobs page and in our slack channel has never been higher. Despite slow downs in certain sectors, e-commerce is still growing, and in many cases affiliate is relatively outperforming other digital sectors. Simply put: the industry is growing faster than talent can be discovered and trained.

Part of this is due to new content types adopting affiliate tactics. Mass media, creator, PR and even TV are getting in on the game. And despite the simple notion of affiliate (it's a link) the way you engage, price and set contracts is different with each content type.  There is a dislocation between the type of talent needed and the type of talent that exists. This is a difficult time for an employer, but a potentially good time for someone ambition, who likes learning and wants to advance. 


By taking a proactive approach to career management, you can accelerate your rise and maximize your professional success. In these posts, you’ll find ideas and tips for: 


  • Getting Your Start in Partnerships
  • Knocking Your First Years Out of the Park
  • Moving On Up in Your Company


Whether your brand-side, publisher-side, or top agency talent, these ideas and resources from various people in the Martech Record member community can help you find a brighter future. 


Stage One: Getting Your Start in Partnerships

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