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The Martech Record Matrix: Influencer Marketing Platforms

Feb 12, 2023 by Mike Mallazzo

As a product marketer running competitive analysis, a BD leader trying to differentiate my company’s product, and now as a brand-side buyer inundated with software pitches, two questions have always come to the fore when someone slings me a new SaaS tool:

  1. Is this software purpose-built for smaller businesses or highly sophisticated enterprises? Put another way, does this company differentiate on simplicity or breadth of functionality for savvy operators?
  2. At its core, is this company a white-glove managed service or is it a self serve platform. Is this firm selling me the Sistine Chapel or a really good easel and ladder?

Today, we introduce the Martech Record Matrix to tackle these questions head on. We’re beginning with influencer marketing platforms, a space flush with VC cash and buyer demand alike. It’s also a space with both established unicorns and well-capitalized upstarts that, on the surface, all sound a lot like each other.

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