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Market Landscape Map: Amazon Affiliate Tools & Tech

Jun 19, 2024 by Michael McNerney, Publisher, Martech Record

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Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world with over a million publishers on their platform around the world. This scale has given birth to an ecosystem of technology and services. This article and the accompanying map makes an effort to clarify the different types of providers what they do and who they do it for.   If you are looking to  boost affiliate revenues may want to consider these several categories of products and services to streamline, optimize, customize and capitalize on their e-commerce strategies. 

Here, we take a look at some of the Amazon and affiliate tools that work to empower publishers with more effective strategies:

WordPress (Link Display) Plugins

These plugins help get Amazon links onto WordPress blog pages faster, with more efficiency, and can work to drive more conversions by prominently displaying products. Plugins ensure effective mobile responsiveness and compliance with Amazon's policies through integration with PA API – two priorities that publishers may not have the internal coding ability to do. 

World Press (Link Display) Plugin options focused on the Amazon ecosystem include 

Link Management

This category of products and services works to centralize and optimize link building and editing while providing deep insights into the strategy. The tools can improve click-through rates and enhance the use of branded links. They also grant flexibility in links post-publication, enabling editing to safeguard against broken links. This is big benefit to creators and influencer who focus on publishing their links on social media.  

General  link management tools, such as Prettylinks and ThirstyAffiliate (neither of which is focused on the Amazon ecosystem), can help publishers and creators boost the efficiency and track the effectiveness of using affiliate links. More specialized link management tools are explored below. 

Link Management: Geo-targeting 

Geo-targeting tools enable publishers to support international audiences by customizing link destinations based on users' geographic locations. Given how large Amazon’s global footprint is, geo-targeting helps to optimize opportunities across global markets while guaranteeing a good user experience for all audiences.

Link Management tools specializing in Geo-targeting Amazon links include Genuislink and Amazon’s OneLink 

Link Management: Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile deep-linking solutions streamline the user experience on mobile devices, addressing fragmentation issues across different browsers and operating systems. As mobile usage continues to rise, it’s becoming more critical for publishers to prioritize mobile-focused strategies. Conversion rates increase when users can have a streamlined experience straight from their phone. 

For example, suppose an Amazon affiliate link takes a shopper to a new browser where they aren’t logged into Amazon. In that case, they are more likely to end their shopping before making a purchase or try to purchase elsewhere, therefore losing attribution data. Geniuslink and offer mobile deep linking for Amazon affiliates. URLGenius, Button, LinkTwin also offer similar services but are not focused on Amazon.

Link Health/Broken Link Checker

These are tools that automatically detect, and sometimes fix broken links. Dead links can mean lost revenue and can be a blow to maintaining and building reader trust in a publisher, but manually monitoring all affiliate links is far too time-consuming and tedious. Automating the process allows for peace of mind about the integrity of revenue-driving affiliate links. Publishers can find link health help from AMZ Watcher, Geniuslink, Affilimate, and Affluent. Affilimate and Affluent are not focused on Amazon. 

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Alternatives

CPC Alternatives are networks that offer a lower payout than Amazon Associates for monetizing Amazon clicks. These networks are helpful in cases where the strict policies of Amazon Associates may not align with a publisher's objectives. Theoretically, CPC Alternatives pull from different marketing budgets from within Amazon (eg. search vs. affiliate), and are therefore able to help publishers meet different goals from the placements. That flexibility can open up other business models not traditionally supported by Associates. CPC Alternatives supporting Amazon, includeShopnomix, Connexity, Ecomnia, Gekko, Affinity, Kelkoo, Cuelinks.

Seller Networks - Associates Based

The original seller network model (introduced before Amazon introduced their Attribution tools) allows creators and publishers to earn additional commissions for specific products. These commissions come from the actual seller’s marking budget. However, the tracking for these sales uses reporting from the Amazon Associates program. (Associates-based) Seller networks are offered by Thrasio Creator Program, Perch+, Logie, Constingtons, Publisher Expansion, Creator Connections (Amazon).

Seller Networks - Attribution Based

Seller networks built upon Amazon’s recently released Attribution API (powered by Amazon Ads) provide publishers with higher payout options for monetizing clicks to Amazon with better tools, higher commissions, and a longer cookie window than Amazon Associates. Similar to Associates-based Seller Networks, these tools also allow for more collaboration between brands and creators/publishers while giving access to a more extensive product catalog and more sellers than Amazon’s in-house program, Creator Connections. Attribution-based seller networks are offered by Levanta, Archer Affiliates, Maverick X, Wayward, and PartnerBoost.

Amazon offers a robust, high converting affiliate opportunity. However, it can be a complicated and overwhelming ecosystem. Publishers can benefit from understanding and utilizing a variety of tools, services, and products offered to help them navigate the Amazon and affiliate landscape. 

This is version 1 of this map and article. We will update it every six months and would love to hear your feedback. Please reach out to with any input and suggestions.