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It’s not something any agency wants to think about, but affiliate clients move accounts all too often and all too easily. You may know you offer outstanding services - they may even be the best - but client losses are part and parcel of agency life. 

Because your agency is replaceable.

Affiliate agencies are experiencing strong downward pricing pressure – but I don’t need to tell you that. There are 89,912 advertising agencies in the US. 71 OPM, performance, and full-service agencies list their partnership and affiliate services here on Martech Record alone. Thousands of independent consultants are also available. Some may offer quality that approaches yours. Many will accept lower fees. 

Despite all this, there is a way to protect your agency – and thrive. By diversifying what makes your agency special with better technology and insight tools for your extraordinary team, you can win more clients and hold them far longer. Here’s what you need.

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Capture Insights From The User Journeys

Affiliate has become a full journey strategy, but network reporting and insights still treat every partner as a conversion-centric traditional affiliate. Your agency needs better ways to assess the value of each partner and placement for its intended role in the mix. Without it, you can’t stand out.

Clients are excited by nontraditional partnerships and stories. Premium content publishers, influencers, and innovative tech partners are transforming our industry, but your team can’t provide superior understanding if your data access is limited to reports suitable only for last-mile conversion partners. 

Everflow takes a different approach from the legacy networks. Their unique platform enables you to treat each partner differently based on their role in the customer journey. For example, they’ve pioneered a time-to-conversion report that reveals whether a partner is bringing in new prospects. Very short time-to-conversions can be a sign that a partner is poaching credit or coupons. Longer times show they are bringing new buyers into the prospect audience. Armed with insights like these, your team can show clients that the programs they create are precisely tailored to brand goals and objectives. In ways no other agency has ever shown them before.


Uncover Stories With Deeper Reporting

The existing networks and platforms offer similar data sets, publisher access, and analytical tools. If your team is showing clients reports they can get from anyone, it’s no wonder agency fees are in a race to the bottom. 

No one got into marketing to look at network dashboards. Customer and partner insights should be compelling and engaging. What if your team could tell the stories of each partnership to show the depth of their passion and expertise? What if they could say, “Let me tell you about this influencer because this unusual piece of content is driving a raft of new prospects to the business.” Those stories make clients lean in and make your offering unique – more valuable than what they’d get from the agency trying to undercut you. 

A big focus for the team at Everflow is to ask, ‘How can we explain the reasons for results rather than simply reporting facts?’ Their platform focuses on providing easy access to actionable and unique insights so your team can share a never-ending stream of stories to engage and impress clients. They take reporting and analysis to a deeper level to help your team see and show results more intelligently.


Overcome Silos With Cross-Channel Analytics

Channel integration is the holy grail for most advertisers, and they want their agencies to make it happen. Nothing frustrates marketing leaders more than agency teams that can’t or won’t see beyond their “turf.”

What if there was a way to orchestrate and measure all media channels from a single platform? One that could reflect each channel's unique buying, measurement, and attribution models and deliver a holistic customer view? 

That’s what they’ve created with Everflow – a single platform to measure performance from all of your digital media programs. They built Everflow to provide consolidated analytics for all types of partners, advertising, and compare against the performance from organic traffic. Some highlights:

  • First-party tracking tech you can use for every digital channel 
  • Measurement and reporting down to the placement level without the hassle of UTMs
  • Dimensional analytics to drive better channel, partner, and payment optimization 
  • Click-to-conversion time measurement to reveal the role of every partner in every journey 
  • Variance analysis to pinpoint what’s changed in this period versus the last

With Everflow, you and your team get extraordinary visibility and perspective into the stories and insights that will stand out with your clients. 

It’s never been easy to be in the agency business—in fact, it has never been harder than right now. If you’d like to discuss tools and strategies that can help you stand out in the new business process while building a deep moat around your clients, they’d love to connect and share ideas. Get in touch with us or book a demo of the Everflow platform now.

It’s time to make your agency irreplaceable.

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