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PR’s Continued Adoption of Affiliate Strategies Brings Opportunity and Competition

Dec 29, 2022 by Madeline Kaufman

Lauren Kleinman, founder of Dreamday PR and co-founder of The Quality Edit, got her first taste of affiliate agencies in 2015, when she was on the founding team at Ritual, a direct to consumer vitamin company. At Ritual, she managed the company’s PR strategy and agencies. She was also searching for an affiliate agency but couldn’t find one she trusted with the premium supplement that did not discount. On the PR side, Lauren worked with several top-tier agencies, but none of them understood the impact editorial inclusions had on the bottom line of the company. “It felt like we were only getting halfway there,” Kleinman said. At the time, PR agencies did not understand affiliate marketing, and the coupon and loyalty publishers that affiliate agencies were offering did not have the audience Ritual was looking for.

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