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Record Round Up, a monthly round up of from Martech Record. April, 2024

Apr 24, 2024 by Martech Record, Publisher, Martech Record

I've been chatting with our editorial team about the current state of digital advertising. And the term "the death of arbitrage" emerged as an interesting theme for the present. Traffic (search, social or otherwise) is too expensive to purely buy low/sell high. Conversely the Google algo changes have driven consensus from publishers that if 90% of your traffic is from Google then 90% of your business is (or will eventually be) a commodity. But death of a era usually begets birth of another. Convergence, storytelling, actually good digital branding? Hopefully. We've hosted dozens of webinars and live events that have explored the topic - and my conclusion is that we're still in the beginning of this, nobody has the magic framework, attribution tool or partnership strategy. We're all going to be running into each other as we explore this -- here is a sampling of where I've seen this theme and where we are covering it:

  1. This month Martech Record contributor, former CNET SVP of Marketing, Infatuation CRO, music journalist and all around cool cat Kerri Mason marries her background in journalism, sales and marketing by launching the Konvergence podcast. 
  3. This FutureCommerce article by Mike Mallazzo.
  5. Today's announcement in Adweek about an intriguing partnership between Best Buy and CNET that Blake Saunders and Red Ventures EVP Lauren Newman will breakdown tomorrow on our Smooth Operator Podcast
  7. This Linkedin post from Conor Dault.
  9. Our May 9th webinar debating the best way to build brand while driving commerce. 
  11. The emergence of this newsletter's sponsor, Levanta as a key tool for agencies and brands to access new inventory. This is not pure shill - their rapid growth is a prime example. 

Michael McNerney, Publisher

Upcoming webinar: Brand building & affiliate: how two disciplines are colliding and impacting each layer of the funnel.

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Smooth Operator Podcast from Martech Record

Smooth Operator, Season 1, Episode 8. Jamie Miles, VP ecommerce at Penske Media

In the latest episode of Smooth Operator, we hear from Jamie Miles, the Vice President of ecommerce at Penske Media. She shares how she used her traditional journalism background (she started her career at New York Magazine) to become the managing editor of The Knot and then the managing editor of a new site for Hearst called 

Smooth Operator, Season 1, Episode 7. Emily Welsh, VP & General Manager Buy Side from Wall Street Journal

In our eighth episode of Smooth Operator, we talk with Emily Welsh, the Vice President and General Manager at Buy Side from The Wall Street Journal. There, she works with a team that, in her words, “operates like a startup” aimed at thinking five or ten years ahead.

Introducing: Konvergence, a Martech Record Podcast with Kerri Mason, Coming Soon

KONVERGENCE podcast, hosted by Kerri Mason, brings together leaders at brands, agencies & publishers to discuss the operational, organizational, creative and measurement questions the industry is tackling together.