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Smooth Operator, Season 1, Episode 3. Breton Fischetti, Vice President of Commerce at Recurrent Ventures

Oct 2, 2023 by Martech Record

In episode three, we interview Breton Fischetti, the Vice President of Commerce at Recurrent Ventures. Fischetti started his career at IAC and spent nearly a decade at Business Insider before joining Recurrent, where he’s spent the last two years working to scale the affiliate program. 




Fischetti shares how his previous roles – including sales and account management and then business and audience development – involved many of the foundations of performance marketing and taught him what does and doesn’t work in the increasingly competitive space of content commerce.


In the interview, he discusses how he pitched affiliate to leaders at Insider in 2014. That idea proved successful and the program grew linearly as the company continued to invest in the team, which jumped from two people to 30. 


Still, in those early years, Fischetti said that affiliate was too new to “get full acceptance out of the gate,” among publishers that worried about editorial integrity. The team had to continue to put the reader first, find the right audience and communicate to the editorial side what the value proposition was.


At Recurrent Ventures, Fischetti sees a new opportunity to verticalize because of the specific brands in the company. The data from enthusiast communities becomes a valuable tool to determine the brands, price points and even favorite product colors that consumers choose.

As content commerce becomes more competitive, the value proposition becomes crucial, Fischetti said: “The sites that actually help people are just going to continue to do better and better.”


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Smooth Operator is a podcast where we explore the business of commerce content. Commerce content is emerging as a key driver of revenue for media and publishing companies. But, best practices for building the operations, sales, technology and culture of a commerce content organizations is still evolving.