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Subnetwork Utility Shifts From All-In-One Solution To Strategic Tool, Providing Incremental Revenue

Apr 27, 2022 by Madeline Kaufman
  • Revenue data continues to show subnetworks take up a lesser majority of commerce publisher revenue
  • Smaller publishers should still see the value of working primarily with a subnetwork, as SAAS fees continue to make less sense financially
  • New models of monetization provide a path forward for subnetworks by providing publishers with incrementally higher CPAs to lure them back on-platform

The CAPs, hosted annually by Skimlinks, award content publishers on performance and quality of their content. For Skimlinks, a subnetwork geared primarily towards content publishers, the CAPs are a time to showcase publisher content that features their links. There are over 10 categories that publishers can enter, but the catch is that all of the links in the story must utilize the subnetwork to qualify for an award.

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