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Product Review Post: Six Arbiters of Cross-Channel Truth

Apr 24, 2024 by Mike Mallazzo, Contributing Editor, Martech Record

When Apple released its iOS 14.5 shot heard ‘round the commerce world, it near instantly transformed much of the ROAS data shown in native platforms into heaping bullshit. To some degree it always was– every SMS and last-click platform under the sun has a 20X+ ROAS according to themselves. But post iOS 14.5, nearly all growth professionals were left without a reliable source of truth.

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Affiliate and partnership professionals have felt this pain longer than most marketers. To be in this industry is to live in a perpetual state of trying to prove incrementality. The pain is of course most astute for commerce publishers who have been on a decade-long crusade of trying to prove to marketers the mind-numbingly obvious fact that they influence far more conversions up the funnel than they are given credit for.

In this light, the meteoric rise of DTC native media modeling mix and analytics platform is an indirect godsend for the partner marketing business. More and more, marketers are demanding that affiliate performance live not only in affiliate native platforms but in the overall source of truth for evaluating media spend. And more and more, the companies that serve as this source of truth for nascent brands are a new class of startups that have been founded in the last five years. Here are five you should know about. 



TripleWhale: By far the strongest brand in the DTC attribution space, TripleWhale punches way above its weight for a company that is only three years old. The company’s founding story is almost perfectly tied with the launch of iOS 14.5, which rendered on-platform data on Facebook unusable and rocketed TripleWhale into instant product-market fit in the Shopify ecosystem.

Three funding rounds and several thousand customers later, TripleWhale is still trying to make the jump from one-trick point solution software pony into full-fledged marketing analytics stack. The company has added an impressive range of features from a tool to understand the idiosyncrasies of winning creative to deep cohort analysis. There have been some hiccups along the way– a suite of AI assistance tools for marketers has been deprioritized and the company bungled some pricing updates– but on the whole, TripleWhale represents the modern marketer’s obsession with the overall profitability of marketing spend to a tee. 



Northbeam: A sort of Wario to TripleWhale’s Mario, Northbeam is a relative old stalwart in this software ecosystem with five years of operation to its name. Where TripleWhale and other platforms are trying to win on breadth, Northbeam is focused on depth of it’s MMM and multi-touch attribution models, focused on building applications of machine learning to answer the age old question of which marketing spend is truly incremental.
The company boasts an impressive who’s who of reference logos/case studies among the current slate of darling nine figure, hypergrowth DTC brands and is perhaps the best poised among this group to actually crack the enterprise and start making the Adobe’s and Google’s of the world nervous…or ready to go shopping.

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