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Look no further than MAGNA’s research study The Rise of Brandformance: How Performance Marketing is Evolving in the US.

Performance marketing is moving up the funnel to drive customer retention, engagement, and brand awareness, while channels typically known for upper-funnel brand building are increasingly being used for performance.

Enabled by growing digitalization that allows tactics at all levels of the funnel to be tied to measurable outcomes, performance marketing and brand marketing are converging in an approach known as ‘brandformance’.

Download MAGNA’s study to learn:

  • How performance marketing is moving up the funnel toward branding and awareness-building
  • How e-commerce platforms and Retail Media Networks are closing the loop between
    impressions and conversions
  • Solutions that can quantify the impact of touchpoints throughout the customer journey
  • The benefits of performance marketing in 2024 and beyond
  • The challenges marketers must overcome, and their priorities for the next 12 months
  • How to move ahead with a brandformance approach

Download the white paper here. 


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