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CRM-Powered Audience Strategy Drives Engagement for Health & Beauty Retailer.

This beauty brand was ready to infuse and connect their promise across every touchpoint in their customer’s journey, looking to maximize long-term growth in a rapidly changing, complex, and increasingly omnichannel world. Rather than focus their efforts on promotion-driven, “one size fits most” campaigns, the brand turned an eye towards conscious marketing efforts that would produce more journey-oriented, personalized communication.

Matterkind set out to meet the customer’s beauty demand where it is and produce measurable brand engagement while strategically reaching underserved multicultural audiences.

Explore how the team took a people-based approach to creating audiences, then diversified reach by committing 35% of campaign spend to various tactics like private marketplaces (PMPs) and contextual indicators representative of multi-cultural audiences.  This “always-on” approach supported emotionally-led storytelling campaigns and helped begin building creative that speaks to each audience across platforms.