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From Squaredance Employee to Agency Leader: The Journey of Performance Partners.

The Challenge of Scaling & Destigmatizing Affiliate

Many brands have faced difficulty scaling campaigns in the affiliate marketing world. Lack of results and slow project execution from agencies and freelancers had left them skeptical.

Frederic Jean-Bart, a former affiliate manager at Squaredance, stepped up to overcome these challenges through his agency, Performance Partners. Having already orchestrated many successful partnerships between brands and paid media buyers, he knew he could offer a unique approach to brands with product-market fit.


An Unconventional Road to Success

Most affiliate networks take months to see sales, which ramps up the pressure for an agency like Performance Partners to quickly deliver value.

So, Fred leveraged Squaredance’s industry-leading network of paid media buyers and combined it with his sales-led strategy that focused on making deals.

Leveraging Squaredance’s tools allowed the team to execute constant recruitment, fast communication, and daily campaign analysis, allowing Performance Partners’ brands to start seeing sales within weeks.

“A lot of agencies forget that affiliates are spending their own money to run traffic for your brand’s campaign, so it’s imperative that you focus on what they need to be successful.

And Squaredance allows us to build a sales pipeline of expert paid media buyers to quickly scale all of our brand’s campaigns.”

– Frederic Jean-Bart, Founder @ Performance Partners


A Record Year of Delivering Impactful Results

Within a year, Performance Partners has grown to manage 10 brands, have recruited over 150 new affiliates, and are redefining success in affiliate marketing.

They’ve also shown their brands, like Holos and FluffCo, how a strong partnership marketing strategy can allow them to unlock a new acquisition channel.

Performance Partners aims to become the top recruitment agency for paid media buyers, with Squaredance’s innovative platform fuelling their rapid growth and expansion goals.

“Frederic is without a doubt an affiliate expert. He taught me layers of the industry that I never knew, even having been in DTC for 5+ years. He has also introduced me to extremely important people along the way, and has a team of several people that support him and are fully integrated in his strategy. I would recommend having a chat with him if you are looking to launch your brand into affiliate channels.”

– Monish Sabnani, FluffCo


The Results

  • 10 managed brands
  • $500K earned revenue for brands
  • 50+ activated partners with sales
  • 7k sales generated
  • 400k+ leads generated
  • 150+ affiliates recruited to Squaredance