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How AppArc generated $1M+ in sales for its brand partners.


  • Founded in 2017, AppArc’s experts help clients grow their consumer base by developing new, innovative marketing strategies and implementing them on their network of exclusive mobile app partnerships.
  • AppArc was struggling to find the right platform/networks to assist with their growth strategy and help them scale.
  • They discovered Squaredance when they were contacted by a sales team member, after trying numerous verticals and strategies; including lead gen campaigns.
  • After over two years, AppArc has seen over $1M+ USD revenue, 18K new customers, and 300K unique clicks.



Founded in 2017 by Scott Williams and Kazmo Vilmar, two industry veterans with complementary expertise within the media buying and e-commerce marketing spaces, AppArc helps brands grow their consumer base using innovative strategies, data-driven solutions, and a fixed Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) model.

AppArc’s experts work one-on-one with creative teams to design efficient marketing campaigns, and then implement those plans on their exclusive mobile app and game placements. With hundreds of exclusive mobile app partnerships, this gives AppArc the freedom to showcase specific pre-approved brands to their respective audiences and achieve consistently strong results.

Being able to appeal to such a wide range of industries (and offer unique benefits for brand partners), AppArc was intent on finding a platform that could help them reach their goals for scalability.



AppArc’s team had tested out a number of different brands and brand categories, starting with the health and beauty markets, where they found some success. Since they’re a small company, AppArc wanted to find the right platform/network to support their services, as well as help them scale easier and faster – without growing their overhead in the process.

More than that, when they started to look into how to offer more unique, impactful channels to their clients, they found themselves struggling to find affiliate networks that could meet all their needs.

“We were kind of all over the place. We saw that the mobile ecosystem was the most attractive to a lot of brands who were already buying on Facebook or Google, but they wanted to diversify to other channels.”

– Scott Williams & Kazmo Vilmar,
Founders @ AppArc



They’d been looking at a variety of potential platform partners, but they couldn’t seem to find the right option. That was, until AppArc got a call from one of Squaredance’s sales team members.

Right away, Scott and Kazmo could tell that Squaredance had everything they were looking for in an affiliate network and more.

Scott: “For me, it was just the caliber of brands and campaigns Squaredance offers. We’ve run on 3-5 other networks, and I don’t think there’s any major competitor who can put out as many brands with their platforms.”

Kazmo: “The platform itself is very attractive, compared to a lot of these networks we’ve worked with. It’s intuitive and way more streamlined, so it’s easy to navigate. It has a lot of features compared to other ones.

I also like that we can keep all our communication on one platform with the messenger tool. Plus, great levels of support compared to other companies. Our advocates have been really good at relaying information and helping us maintain transparency through brand feedback.”



Over the last two years, AppArc has used Squaredance extensively to promote over 40 separate partner campaigns, branching out into a variety of new and exciting industries.

Not only have they generated over $1 million USD in revenue through these projects, but they’ve acquired over 18,000 new customers through the Squaredance platform and have generated over 300,000 unique clicks.

In addition to these benefits, Scott and Kazmo still continue to prospect new potential brand partners, at least a couple of times each week. Because there are so many new brands joining Squaredance all the time, this gives AppArc’s team the freedom to continue exploring frequent growth opportunities on the platform, even after two years of use.


  • 300K unique clicks
  • 18K new customers
  • $1M+ earned revenue
  • 44+ campaigns promoted


Looking Ahead

New innovations and improvements to the Squaredance platform have been continuing to add value for AppArc, which is just one of many reasons why Squaredance has become their premiere affiliate platform.

“The insights section is great; it allows us to continuously track our campaign performance.

We don’t like driving blind, and sometimes other networks won’t give you feedback for two-to-three months. We love seeing how each app does in click-through-rate, AOV, etc. Any metric that is valuable for us to optimize.”

– Scott Williams & Kazmo Vilmar,
Founders @ AppArc

If you’re looking to expand your marketplace with a variety of top DTC brands to achieve the same type of growth and scalability that AppArc has seen, Squaredance can help you discover a whole new world of partners.