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How Honest Brand Reviews earned over $400k after discovering new brands..


Founded in early 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, Honest Brand Reviews was created to help empower consumers to discover and connect with new brands, so they can make better, more informed shopping decisions online.

They’ve created the premiere location for consumers to find new and emerging brands, educate themselves with in-depth product reviews, and easily access each brand’s best-selling products, from a single, easy-to-use network.

Yet, despite their best efforts, the Honest Brand Reviews team couldn’t find an affiliate network that met their needs.



As a former DTC merchant that moved to the publisher side of things, Honest Brand Reviews’ goal has been to continue growing their centralized hub, which is dedicated to showcasing the most valuable and enticing brands for consumers.

However, after trying most of the other big affiliate networks out there, Albert and the team at Honest Brand Reviews were struggling with finding the best offers.

More than that, given the nature of their business model, the long pay cycles they were experiencing on other platforms caused delays in their growth marketing strategies.

“Usually the payoff varies, from one month to two months, depending on who you’re working with. And a lot of the time, you’re only getting a percentage of the offer, instead of a flat CPA which is much easier to manage.”
– Albert Vaisman,
Co-Founder @ Honest Brand Reviews



After trying a number of different networks, Albert’s team discovered Squaredance, which provides the flat CPAs and shorter pay cycles that they had been looking for.

With a format that better suits their ongoing needs, Honest Brand Reviews made Squaredance their primary affiliate network.

“Those are pretty significant differences, compared to the other networks out there. Squaredance is a tight-knit community, so it’s easier for us as publishers to work with those high CPAs and fast payouts.

It’s not the only feature that attracted us to the platform, but it’s what keeps us on it.”

– Albert Vaisman,
Co-Founder @ Honest Brand Reviews



Since joining Squaredance in 2021, Honest Brand Reviews have been making incredible headway, with an impressive top conversion rate of 14%.

Not only has this allowed them to connect with over 9,000 new customers, but they’ve generated over 79,000 unique clicks, which has helped them earn over $400,000 USD in revenue thus far.


  • 9,000 new customers
  • $400K+ earned revenue
  • 79K+ unique clicks
  • 53+ campaigns promoted


Looking Ahead

Given all the success they’ve already seen through Squaredance, Albert is actively using the platform and is always looking ahead for the next big offer or exciting new brand.

Thankfully for Albert and his team, Squaredance is always onboarding new brands onto the platform, so there’s almost always someone fresh to connect with.

“Squaredance’s flat CPAs and fast payouts allows us to maximize our performance capabilities and scale offers that work well.

We’ve also really been enjoying the live chat feature. The regular updates make it easy to become aware of new brands, review them, and apply to work with them.”

– Albert Vaisman,
Co-Founder @ Honest Brand Reviews

If you’re looking to expand your marketplace with a variety of top DTC brands to achieve the same type of growth and scalability that Honest Brand Reviews has seen, Squaredance can help you discover a whole new world of partners.