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How Little Passports Acquired 2,300+ 
Subscribers in 3 Months.


Founded in 2009 by two friends, Amy and Stella, Little Passports was created with the mission to teach children about other cultures and perspectives, while nurturing their interest in travel and encouraging their desire to learn and explore.

With a focus on screen time-free educational activities, Little Passports offers a variety of subscription options depending on each child’s interests, covering a wide range of subjects from animals to space exploration to cultural culinary sciences.

Through adopting a growth-centered mindset, Little Passports has been working diligently to expand the diversity of their offerings and reach a wider audience demographic.



Little Passports had built up a very loyal subscriber base, but they were struggling to reach new customers at a profitable rate. Growth and scalability were extremely challenging, due to the niche market demographics they were servicing.

Strategies were adjusted to improve the profitability and efficiency of their marketing campaigns, but a deeper dive into growth opportunities showed that there was a need to expand into other marketing channels.

The affiliate program stood out as being both mismanaged and under-utilized, so they brought on a recruitment agency to enhance and expand the program. It was through this agency that Squaredance was referred to the team at Little Passports.



Little Passports has seen growth far above-and-beyond anything they expected when they began their partnership with Squaredance.

While Little Passports had been present on a number of other affiliate platforms, none of these other networks could provide these essential media buyers that have been necessary for their incremental growth plans.

The ability to easily add and run campaigns (and remove ones that aren’t working) are part of the reason Galen believes Little Passport has had such a wildly successful launch on Squaredance.

“When we launched a campaign in October through December 31st of last year (2022), we acquired 2,370 new subscribers from Squaredance.

At a lifetime estimated customer lifetime value of almost 1 million, this was 270% above our customer acquisition goal for the affiliate channel as a whole. And overall, year-over-year, we saw 46% growth in the affiliate channel entirely thanks to Squaredance.”

– Galen Schneider,
Affiliate Marketing Manager @ Little Passports

Little Passports was able to achieve in just Q4 2022 alone:

  • 270% Above Acquisition Goal for Affiliate Channel
  • 2,370 New Subscribers
  • $1M Increase in Customer LTV
  • 46% Growth in Affiliate Channels


Looking Ahead

Unlike other types of businesses, Little Passports doesn’t necessarily see growth in terms of revenue or other common metrics that many industries use to gauge success and scalability. Instead, they focus on growing their net new subscribers, which is where Squaredance has really stood out as a one-of-a-kind tool they can use to achieve their goals.

Galen has big plans for the future, and he’s very thankful for the boost in growth Squaredance has facilitated for his team.

“I don’t think we would have seen nearly as much success without Squaredance. Just opening up the new segment of media buyer affiliates is really what unlocked significant growth for us year-over-year.

If I was just working on the Impact platform, we would not have seen the same, very impressive growth numbers that we did with Squaredance.”

– Galen Schneider,
Affiliate Marketing Manager @ Little Passports

If you’re looking to expand your marketplace with brands, influencers, creators, and media buyers to achieve the same type of growth Little Passports has seen, Squaredance can help you discover a whole new world of partners.