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How Squaredance took this brand to $500k in 6 weeks..

Who is Maelys?

Maelys Cosmetics was founded in 2016 with a simple mission: develop innovative, high-quality beauty products available to everyone! Fast forward 3 years and Maelys became one the fastest growing beauty brands in Israel. Maelys attempts to push the boundaries in developing and formulating the most progressive beauty products, using only the highest quality ingredients, supported by a unique, seamless digital shopping experience.


The Goal

Develop conversion-focused campaigns with partners on Facebook and Instagram to acquire a minimum of 200 customers per day, within predetermined payout ranges and unit economic thresholds.


The Constraints

  • The current B-tight website was not converting high enough to achieve a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Marketing content was fatigued and needed to be updated and repurposed.
  • The cost per acquisition (partner payout) that maely’s was willing to pay, was not high enough to achieve a profitable ROAS, specifically for paid media buyers.


Objectives & Tactics

1. Build out conversion-focused landing pages adjacent to Maely’s ecommerce store that would focus on selling Maely’s flagship product, B-tight, more effectively.

  • Get partners testing 3-5 unique landing pages, differentiated by angle concepts and pricing models to determine the page that yielded the highest conversion rates.
  • Leveraging partner data, the Maely’s team would apply design and copy changes to underperforming sections that would mitigate customers from dropping out of the path-to-purchase.
  • Test different bundle pricing strategies and incentives that would result in the optimal conversion rate & highest AOV.

2. Build and optimize ad creatives to help partners increase engagement and click-through rates on Facebook & Instagram. 

  • Maely’s built a content engine consisting of user-generated content, ads and direct-response copy for partners to use and build on top of. 
  • Partners were permitted to use Khloe Kardashian promotional assets in their ads and presell pages to boost credibility, which led to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Partners were able to build unique marketing angles that unlocked new customer segments that Maelys wasn’t tapping into.
  • Partners leverages creatives to test different ad placements within Facebook & Instagram to determine where to maximize and concentrate their marketing efforts.

3. Identify the bundling & upsell strategy that increased Average Order Value (AOV) to validate higher custom payouts for partners that could deliver large sales volumes. 

  • Implement direct-response tactics like scarcity, social proof,
    and reciprocity to entice customers to choose higher priced bundles.
  • Incorporated different types of incentives (free gifts, discounts, free shipping, buy one get one free) to higher-priced bundles to demonstrate higher perceived value for more expensive packages.
  • Leveraging a high velocity of partner testing, Maely’s cold split test differentiated upsell paths to identify the one that yielded the highest take-rate to maximize AOV.

“Squaredance has helped our company dramatically improve our growth and revenue within the US market. Not only have they have been able to successfully deliver high-quality, scalable customer acquisition – but more importantly, they have been instrumental in advising our team on how to improve the overall performance of the campaign, which has enabled the campaign to scale as rapidly as it has.”

– Tomer Arzoan, Co-founder and CMO @ Maelys


The Results

  • 168% increase in conversion rate
  • 26% increase in average order value (AOV)
  • 22% increase in higher-priced bundles
  • 600k people reached
  • 5x lift in aggregate sales
  • 20k+ increase in upsell take-rates