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How Unicorn Innovations earned over $7M through paid campaigns.


  • Founded in 2017, Unicorn Innovations is a customer acquisition agency that assists brands in generating revenue via paid advertising campaigns.
  • The Unicorn Innovations team saw there was more opportunity for growth by servicing performance marketing, rather than continuing to manage agency clients.
  • In switching to a performance model, the Unicorn Innovations team was struggling to find the right affiliate network. One that could connect them with brands who had similarly ambitious goals for growth and were ready to scale – until they found Squaredance.
  • Since partnering with Squaredance in 2019, Unicorn Innovations has generated 1.9 million unique clicks and over $7 million USD in revenue.
  • Thanks to the growing community element on Squaredance, Unicorn Innovations have developed strong relationships with both brands and managers, and their offer prospecting has become easier and more organic.



Founded in 2017, Unicorn Innovations is a customer acquisition agency that helps brands of all shapes and sizes generate more revenue through their paid advertising campaigns.

Through a combination of performance services, expert consulting, and a marketing design that’s ready to scale, Unicorn Innovations has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in traceable revenue for some of the world’s largest, most reputable brands.

To assist with their growth strategies, Unicorn has made the shift from offering agency services to a performance marketing model.



When Unicorn first launched their business, Maxwell Finn (President of Unicorn) and his team found some success running Facebook and TikTok ads and providing agency services for their clients.

However, there were some challenges and frustrations that their team were facing regularly as part of the agency format, which were starting to become exhausting and demoralizing.

Combined with the fact that there was more opportunity for growth with performance marketing, Max and his team agreed it was time for change.

“I had grown tired of the agency world. You have to hire more people to support more clients. Between the exhaustive reporting, constant Slack check-ins, and growing list of client requests, it just didn’t fit with what we wanted for the future. The fluctuating CPAs had become a daily headache, as agency clients focus on it so heavily.”

– Maxwell Finn
President, Unicorn Innovations



Although the criteria for the types of DTC brands they were going to work with didn’t shift dramatically, in order to maximize the success of this new operational model, they knew they’d need to align with brands that also had really ambitious growth goals and were ready to scale.

In early 2019, Squaredance came into the picture, and Max’s team immediately knew this was the network they had been waiting for.

“Bringing on really well-known brands gets people excited. There are a lot of affiliate networks out there, and some of them have a lot more offers. But a lot of the offers are brands you’ve never heard of or generic products.

From day one, we saw that Squaredance could help us get more clout, much quicker. This makes our offers more effective, and we can leverage those campaigns down the road too.”



The results that Unicorn Innovations have experienced since partnering with Squaredance have been better than they had even hoped.

Not only have they generated over 1.9 million unique clicks and acquired over 113,000 new customers, but over the last three years, they’ve earned over $7 million USD in revenue.

“Really, it comes down to dollars. We’ve run offers on a lot of networks over the years, and Squaredance has consistently been our biggest revenue and profit generator. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.”


  • 113K new customers
  • $7M+ earned revenue
  • 1.9M+ unique clicks 
  • 56+ campaigns promoted


Looking Ahead

The community element that Squaredance is building is something Max really appreciates, and it has become such a prominent part of one of the many things he loves about the platform.

Because of the strong relationships that the Unicorn Innovations team has developed on Squaredance, their team have begun to see prospecting benefits as well; in some cases, even having the opportunity to open communications with new brands before they’re even finished onboarding to the network.

“It’s super unique, nobody else really has that. Every other network, you just have to sift through the offers and hope it works.

The community element in Squaredance lets us communicate directly (and more quickly) with brands and managers, so we can get problems solved. It’s shrunk the lifecycle of how long it takes to make an offer profitable.”

If you’re looking to expand your marketplace with a variety of top DTC brands to achieve the same type of growth and scalability that Unicorn Innovations has seen, Squaredance can help you discover a whole new world of partners.