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Lorex grows its partner program by 108% with OPM Pros and

Lorex, a leading provider of professional-grade security systems, previously operated its affiliate program on a legacy network. Consequently, the team faced exorbitant fees and a need for more transparency. To overcome these challenges, they sought a solution focusing on transparency, detailed data analysis, and efficient collaboration with partners. That’s when they discovered

What truly set apart was its advanced tracking and reporting functions. Leveraging these capabilities, Lorex was able to implement a fixed-price affiliate payment model and gain deep insights into its customer journey. Optimize reports helped them identify top-performing partners and base commissions on their actual value to the program.

After leveraging’s platform, Lorex successfully:

*Grew revenue by 108%
*Saved nearly six figures in network fees
*Recruited diverse publishers
*Drove upper-funnel traffic and conversions

To achieve the same level of success as Lorex and significantly enhance your program’s performance, harness the power of Let it be the catalyst for your brand’s growth, leading to flourishing partnerships and remarkable outcomes.