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Stio Enjoys a 25% Hike in Sales.

Situation – An affiliate program with growing needs

Stio is an outdoor apparel and mountain lifestyle brand based in Wyoming. The company inspires a connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products infused with mountain soul. Its product range—characterized by performance, quality, and versatility— equips customers for epic alpine pursuits and the quieter moments of mountain life.

Clique in an award-winning performance marketing agency dedicated to creating profitable and highly optimized affiliate programs for forward thinking direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce retailers in the Outdoors, Lifestyle and Cycling verticals.

In 2015, Stio teamed with Clique to help get their struggling affiliate program get off the ground.  Over the next 8 years sales and interest in their affiliate program grew exponentially.   The need for optimization through technology became apparent in 2022, setting the wheels in motion that lead to the program migration to   Click here to read the entire case study