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TopList: Top People Shaping Affiliate Marketing & The Digital Partnership Economy That You Should Be Following 

Oct 20, 2023 by Michael McNerney

Today, almost any type of digital content can be used by an advertiser to create digital partnership channels. This is forcing marketing teams and publishers to change their organizational structures, processes and KPIs. Managing these changes takes leaders willing to take risks. These leaders are not always in charge, sometimes they are the blockers and tacklers that get things done.

Naming and owning the channel is still very much up for grabs: affiliate, commerce content, partner marketing, performance PR and cooperative commerce each represent a different industry's take on the concept. The common thread is that a brand is using a partner for distribution. As a corollary, these new distribution channels also play a role in driving awareness and consideration of products and services. More and more deals are hybrid, forcing sales teams at publishers together and marketing teams together. This year's TopList: People attempts to find the people who are doing the hard work of building new relationships, new processes and new ways to bring products to market. 

Below, you’ll find names and brief bios that outline why we think their perspective warrants reader attention. You’ll also find links to their LinkedIn profiles and websites so you can learn more about their roles and follow them to keep up-to-date on what they are thinking and discussing. 

As with last year’s TopList: People, the emphasis here is on people who aren’t the ones you see most often in affiliate press or event agendas but who are driving massive change in the landscape. After all, it doesn’t add much value for us to list the CEOs of all the networks or top OPMs, for example, though no one would deny their importance. 

But we want to provide something different. 

Nevertheless, a few names are quite well known – we’ve included them to point out that their roles have changed and their new perspective is worthy of attention. 

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