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2022 Affiliate Platform/Network Buyer’S Guide

Apr 1, 2022 by Martech Record

Welcome to Martech Record's second annual review of affiliate marketing platforms and networks. Below you can download your copy.

​If you are an advertiser of a brand, selecting a platform or network for your affiliate marketing program is an important decision. A platform or network will give access to publishers, it will act as the payment intermediary between you and your publishers, it will provide reports on the performance of your program and some will offer recruitment and ongoing program management services. Your network or program could cost your anywhere from a few hundred dollars month to a seven figure enterprise relationship.

With all of these variables, how do you choose with platform/networks to work with? Industry experts like agencies, publishers a consultants are a good resource. But, nothing replaces independent data for research and validation.

At Martech Record we interviewed 20 publisher, advertiser and agencies professionals to establish industry workflows. We then constructed a survey based on the workflows of each professional and then recruited 135 North American affiliate marketing managers & directors to complete our in depth study. The professionals who took the survey are the professionals who manage affiliate marketing programs.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing rapidly. Growth requires independent information that allows decision makers to make decisions quickly and with confidence.