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Data Collection For Rankings

Jan 24, 2021 by Martech Record


Martech Record asked industry leaders to nominate members of their teams who currently work on affiliate programs and who are active users of this technology to serve on a panel. The panel was capped at 75 active experts. The panel was given a 22-question survey asking them to rank the importance of certain features and rank each platform’s performance. Panelists were then interviewed. Raw data often leaves new questions. So we filled in the quantitative gaps by sitting down with panelists on Zoom calls and just asking them what they thought. Panelists remain anonymous to ensure they can provide unbiased feedback. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the panel here. ​ Martech Record then took the quantitative and qualitative data and built this guide. The rankings, evaluations, quotes and guidance that follows are unvarnished and honest. Finally, we asked the platforms themselves to provide data. Each platform graciously took time to answer a questionnaire. When you narrow down your search, please take time to read their material to better understand how they can meet your needs.