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Top Recruitment And Managed Service Teams

Jan 23, 2021 by Martech Record

“They are great if you don’t have an agency or a strong in-house team. They have great service.”


Setting up and running an affiliate program requires the following services. Some platforms provide all-in-one packages, some require you to provide you own services. Setup, Integration and On-Going Platform Support: The amount of resources will be determined by which platform you choose and how sophisticated you want your tracking and reporting to be. Some platforms have an easy self-serve set up, some will require you to have in-house data and dev teams. Recruitment and Onboarding: Identifying the right partners, reaching out to them, working with them to position and promote your product takes time and effort. That time and effort can be dramatically reduced with professional help.​ On-Going Recruitment and Management: As the program matures, partners need management to ensure they continue to promote your products correctly and are incented properly. Identification of productive publishers and trends and optimization of the program is necessary. Some platforms include recruitment and management services as part of their fee (typically legacy networks), some do not (typically the tech first SaaS platforms). Outsource Program Manages (OPMs) are agencies who specialize in recruiting and managing partners. You can find a list of Martech Record vetted agencies here.