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Adam Weiss, President of North America, Awin & ShareASale

Apr 16, 2024 by Michael McNerney

Adam Weiss was recently named as Awin Group’s President, North America after two decades of experience at Rakuten and as a consultant through Weiss Digital Consulting. 

His new role oversees Awin and ShareASale’s presence and growth in the U.S. and Canada – an opportunity he felt was right after gaining knowledge and a variety of perspectives on the industry through his consulting work. The timing felt right, too, he said.

“There’s a real opportunity for flexible, versatile offerings in the space,” Weiss said, adding that he feels the industry is at another inflection point, much like it was around 2018 when he transitioned into his consulting work. Affiliate programs are no longer “set it and forget it,” he said and require a lot more strategy as publishers, advertisers and thus networks and platforms have evolved.

“We’re at a maturity phase in the industry and that’s kind of exciting,” he said. 

So what’s next for Awin and ShareASale?

Weiss describes ShareASale as an iconic affiliate brand with a legacy built by Brian Littleton. While migration towards a unified platform under Awin's banner has always been the goal, Weiss emphasized that the company is committed to preserving ShareASale's value and ensuring a seamless transition for customers.

Migration has always been the plan but it’s going to require a lot of work,” he said, adding that a timeline hasn’t been set for the transition.

In anticipating the next shift in the industry, Weiss predicts more innovation on the distribution side and that stakeholders will start to become savvier about understanding the convergence of public relations and affiliate and influencer marketing. He envisions a future where partnerships transcend traditional boundaries, leveraging technology integrations and strategic collaborations in the name of growth. 

To Weiss, maturity in the industry means that a business is able to think broader than simply bringing in volume. They aren’t just trying to grab partners, they are also working to ensure that partnerships are effective and mutually beneficial. 

“Part of maturity is understanding the give and the get between the partners,” he said. “It’s not just ‘Give me a commission, I’ll do X.’ It’s ‘What are your goals?’” Asking that question requires a shift from the “set it and forget it mindset” to the more holistic and strategic mindset about partnerships.