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Amy Sieman, Affiliate Manager, Avocado Mattress talks to Martech Record about how her team straddles product, marketing and the evolving role of affiliate

Oct 19, 2023 by Michael McNerney

Amy Sieman, now the affiliate manager for Avocado Mattress and Brentwood Home, joined the affiliate industry about two years ago after 13 years spent focusing on raising her children. In those years away, the advertising world she remembered changed drastically. But not everything had shifted. The importance of building strong relationships still holds true in her current role, just as it did when she started her career in the late 1990s in account management for an advertising agency.

“Everybody is a person and all publishers and partners are unique,” she said. “If you just approach it that way and are open-minded, a lot of it falls to ‘what’s going to work for both of us.’” Sieman said her previous industry experience, combined with the multitasking she learned from being a mother helped prepare for her job at Avocado Mattress, which is a DTC brand. She frequently thinks of the consumer, especially in today’s world, where buyers – especially for expensive purchases like mattresses – are doing their due diligence before making a purchase. 

“Customers are just researching and researching and making sure they spend their money in the smartest way possible,” Sieman said. 

For Avocado Mattress, affiliate is a huge part of reaching the customers who are looking at all of their options. According to Sieman, affiliate was a part of the customer journey for about 60% of the company’s customers. 

At Avocado, the affiliate team actually sits on product team which gives Sieman insight into new products and any changes coming to current products. Avocado also has a few brick-and-mortar partners in select markets. Those stores allow customers to compare the feel of a mattress rather than a review or an ad.

“Affiliate is touching a lot of the end sales,” she said. “It might not be last-click all the time, but it’s there. So we try to diversify our partnerships as much as possible.”

 “We know they know our product and that’s the most important thing,” Sieman said. “That’s worked really well.”

Striking that balance of in-store and online purchases requires a unique product, she said. “If you don’t have a product that is different, it won’t have much impact.”

Avocado’s recent sales have been a window into the economy, Amy noted that their high-end mattresses (which can retail for over $5,000) have been less affected , while customers were now flocking to more of their entry-level products. The squishy middle is a tough place these days. 


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