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Doordash for fashion: Cosimo Corsini takes on the high fashion e-commerce challenge.

Apr 10, 2023 by Michael McNerney, Publisher, Martech Record

From Cosimo Corsini’s first post-graduation gig with Alibaba in Southeast Asia, watched as consumer behavior continued to shift toward instant delivery and instant gratification. After several over roles with companies focused on delivering goods to customers, Corsini began brainstorming how he could fill an unmet need in a market that was demanding more speed and convenience.

After talking to several brands, Corsini identified the demand: fashion brands had customers looking for last-mile delivery, but the logistics were cost-prohibitive for individual brands. 

That’s when Corsini founded Dropshop, which can be described as “Doordash for fashion.”

Dropshop is hyperlocal, enabling consumers to receive items from a nearby brand or boutique in less than two hours. If they need to return something, Dropshop will handle that too. 

“We’ll come to your house, pick up the item and return it in-store, which eliminates a big pain point for customers buying fashion online,” Corsini said. “Convenience is one of the key factors for customers, whether they are buying products, services or experiences.” 

And since delivery times have moved from five-day to three-day to two-day and now even same-day, customers are expecting products to arrive to them faster and easier than ever. 

Dropshop recently soft-launched in New York City, and Corsini said he hopes to expand to other large U.S. cities and potentially go international. 

“The tech savviness and willingness to try new products is definitely more apparent in the U.S.,” compared to more fragmented markets, like in Europe, Corsini said.

The company fits what Corsini was looking for as he was brainstorming how to use his skillset and tap into an unmet need in the market: He didn’t want a startup that was too capital-intensive or one that required warehouses and extensive inventory. 

Right now, Dropshop is aimed at delivering luxury items and has an average sales price of about $350-400.

For brands with New York City brick-and-mortar stores within the apparel, beauty, gifting or footwear verticals, Corsini has one message: “Feel free to reach out.”