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Konvergence Podcast with Kerri Mason: Coming Soon

Apr 22, 2024 by Kerri Mason, Contributing Editor, Martech Record

The storytelling side of commerce 


You know what sucks? Silos. 

The phrase, “We can’t get out of our own way.”

Subdivisions of specialties. 

Firewalls between disciplines that should be warm and cuddly.

Brand, Media, Social, Creative, PR, Performance, Commerce - the KPIs may be different, but the purpose is the same. 

And with the funnel collapsing, the cookie crumbling, and our seat at the table not always assured - marketers need to do more than align. They need to converge.

Stories that need to be told: The stories of campaigns and initiatives that followed the sparks of inspiration and insight to successfully integrate disparate disciplines, logistical hurdles be damned - aka, cool stuff that worked.

Consumers expect nothing less - why should we?

KONVERGENCE podcast, hosted by Kerri Mason, brings together leaders at brands, agencies & publishers to discuss the operational, organizational, creative and measurement questions the industry is tackling together.

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Kerri Mason is a media executive and journalist. She started her career as the digital whisperer to the print team at Hearst; founded The New Yorker Content Studio and helped launch LGBTQIA+ brand them at Conde Nast; built and led The Infatuation commercial team as CRO; and most recently sat at the intersection of Commerce and Media at CNET/Red Ventures. As a Contributing Editor at Billboard, she interviewed artists from Justin Bieber to Stephen Sondheim; she's excited now to be back at the mic with our industry's own rock stars.