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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list a job on the Martech Record job board?
What types of organizations hire affiliate marketing & commerce roles?

Jobs in affiliate marketing & commerce are typically on marketing teams and at advertising agencies, and affiliate marketing platforms and networks.

What types of affiliate marketing and commerce content roles do these companies hire for?

Great question. Here is a breakdown of the types of jobs

Publishing companies are generally trying to do three things: 

  • attract an audience, 
  • create content
  • sell advertising.

Affiliate marketing is one way publishing companies sell advertising. Affiliate revenue is unique because the link that drives revenue usually sits within the content, rather than off to the side, like banner ads or sponsorship. And the payment to the publisher is made after the sale and is based on a pre-negotiated commission rate. These differences impact the roles available.  Here are the types of jobs: 

  • Creating content: Affiliate marketing editors are responsible for curating, writing and editing content. On the curation side these jobs can be finding and aggregating deals and on the content side they can be commerce editorial jobs that test and evaluate products and write reviews and recommendations. 
  • Selling advertising: there are two types of jobs in this category: 
    • Advertising sales teams are responsible for reaching out and connecting with advertisers, communicating commerce editorial calendars, negotiating rates and closing deals. 
    • Account Managers and Client Service teams and responsible for managing client campaigns: securing materials and creative, making sure the campaign ran, reporting results and adjusting based on these results. 

Marketing teams: companies that produce products and services often have marketing teams responsible for creating awareness, consideration and preference for their products and services. Affiliate Marketing Managers are responsible for identifying and creating a publisher recruitment strategy, finding and recruiting publishers to market their brands, negotiating terms and and managing their program, usually through an affiliate marketing platform like or Partnerize. 

Agencies: Large agencies and independent digital agencies often have affiliate teams. Agencies that primarily do affiliate marketing are called OPMs (Outsourced Program Management). As more commerce editors become responsible for content, PR agencies often have affiliate teams. These affiliate teams are responsible for identifying publishers to work with, pitching the publishers stories, reviews, negotiating rates and managing the program through an affiliate platform like Rakuten,, CJ, Awin or any of the above named platforms. Here is a list of agencies that manage affiliate programs. 

Platforms and networks: Affiliate marketing platforms or networks help automate the connection between advertisers and publishers. Their basic role is to track users that click on affiliate links and eventually purchase a product, report this behavior back to the advertisers and publisher and execute payments to publishers. Sometimes networks have service teams that will help identify and recruit publisher partners.  Here is a list of affiliate platforms & networks. Typical jobs at an affiliate marketing platform or network are:

  • Sales roles reach out to advertiser prospects to position and sell the platforms products and services. 
  • Account Management team onboard the advertisers, set up their program and sometimes recruit and manage publishers. 
  • Publisher recruitment & management teams provide publisher outreach and management. They onboard new publishers and help publishers find advertisers to work with.
Are these roles good remote jobs or jobs for digital nomads?

Yes! Most jobs listed on Martech Record’s job board are remote! If you live outside a big city or are pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle affiliate marketing offers a great opportunity to create your own schedule and connect with others online. In person tends to matter for a certain amount of events and conferences during the year. But, for the most part, remote work is not only tolerated, but encouraged in the affiliate marketing industry.

Do you have any advice on pursuing or managing an affiliate marketing career?