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Webinar: Publisher Roundtable

Sep 21, 2023 by Michael McNerney
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Stream our Publisher Rountable webinar above thanks to Rakuten Advertising  (download their Audience Engine white paper below).

On September 21st, 2023 Blake Saunders of Methuselah Advisors led a publisher roundtable discussion with Jessica Woodbury, Director, Commerce Partnership, The Wall Street Journal Buy Side, Chris Lloyd, VP Commerce Content & General Manager, Reviewed at Gannett, Amro Naddy, VP General Manager US News & World Report 

In the twelve months since we hosted our last publisher roundtable, the market landscape has changed. Market conditions remain opaque, Google algo changes have had an impact, ecommerce growth has slowed, and AI has taken both center stage and backstage. 

When discussing budgets and how they are changing two themes emerged: new categories and cross channel selling. Chris Lloyd pointed out that large manufacturers are now DTC players, "Fridges, TVS, etc are budgets that are moving to affiliate, that used to move exclusively through the channel" Chris Lloyd pointed out. Amro Naddy added "performance models are now the sundae and CPC is the cherry on top." 

"We've had some cool deals where we have gone in as one team, mixing the sales team. Sometimes that's a deal we were trying to salvage, but now its often to create a compelling proposition together" Chris Lloyd pointed out. 

Naddy pointed out that 'in a perfect world any piece of content is model agnostic. While in practice, there is an ad team and a performance team- but it is enough of a separation that we still need to talk about it."

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