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Awin invests in wecantrack to enhance data portability and provide page and link-level revenue attribution for all publishers

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Sep 5, 2023

Awin announces its investment in wecantrack, an innovative affiliate data consolidation and attribution tool for publishers.

As the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platform in North America, Awin’s technology connects online affiliate publishers with ecommerce advertisers. Subsequently, these publishers earn commissions on a performance basis for any traffic and sales they drive to advertisers' websites.

wecantrack is a data analytics platform that helps publishers track their performance across multiple marketing channels. The platform simplifies the integration process and allows publishers to bring together and analyze their cross-network key performance indicators (KPIs) within one solution. This gives publishers a single view of their performance, which helps them make faster and more informed decisions about their marketing campaigns.

Awin's investment in wecantrack will enable its solution to reach more publishers and provide partners with even more powerful insights and link optimization solutions. This will help publishers to improve campaign performance, focus more time on value-added activities rather than administrative ones, and ultimately earn more commissions by creating greater customer value through:

  • Simplified integration: Awin and wecantrack have launched a streamlined process so publishers can add their data to wecantrack from their existing Awin accounts and start tracking cross-industry performance in minutes.
  • Unified view of performance: wecantrack provides a single view of publishers' performance across multiple marketing channels. This helps publishers to see at a page and link level which campaigns are driving the most traffic and sales, and to make better decisions about where they invest.
  • Powerful connections: wecantrack provides publishers with pre-built connections to over 350 networks that it can then consolidate and port data into marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads. This eliminates the need to integrate and maintain hundreds of API connections, allowing publishers to easily scale their sites. 

Adam Ross, CEO of Awin, commented: “Awin's investment in wecantrack represents our continued commitment to move the affiliate industry forwards by removing the technical constraints that hold back value creation, and in doing so, take another step towards creating a thriving, open and collaborative ecosystem that works for brands and publishers.”

"We are excited to partner with Awin to empower all publishers and partners – large or niche, and especially those with a content focus - to scale their businesses," said Sirio Küpper, Co-Founder of wecantrack. "With Awin's investment and support, we can make our platform even more valuable to publishers by providing them with a simplified and streamlined process for consolidating their performance data across multiple platforms."

The wecantrack platform offers a 15-day free trial for all users. Additionally, for those just starting out on their affiliate journey, a forever-free scaled back solution is also available. The investment is a minority stake by Awin, and wecantrack will remain an independently-operated platform with publisher data remaining private on wecantrack. Awin will support easy activation through its Publisher MasterTag, introductions to publishers and visibility in Awin’s platform.

About Awin

Two-thirds of digital ad spend currently flows to the three big tech platforms - Google, Meta and Amazon. But their auction-based ad models favor their own bottom line and inflate costs at a time when every single marketing dollar counts. Awin offers a real alternative to big tech and puts advertisers back in control of their own business growth. Using Awin's platform, brands can unlock unlimited marketing opportunities that reach consumers everywhere. Choose which affiliate partners best match marketing objectives. Control costs by defining how these partners are paid. And customize affiliate marketing program using Awin's tech to mirror unique goals, whatever they may be.

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About wecantrack

wecantrack is a leading provider of affiliate conversion attribution software for publishers. With over 6,500 publisher websites making use of their technology, wecantrack helps publishers of all sizes to accurately track and attribute affiliate conversions to their marketing campaigns. wecantrack integrates with over 350 affiliate networks and marketing platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, TikTok Ads, BigQuery, Looker Studio and Zapier, making it easy for affiliate publshers to streamline their data and optimize their campaigns. With wecantrack's advanced technology and powerful tools, publishers can generate more sales, expand their reach, and strengthen their publisher brands. wecantrack is trusted by marketers worldwide, and their innovative approach has helped affiliates achieve impressive results and grow their business significantly.

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