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Brand Metrics partners with Avid Collective for native content insights

Press release: for immediate release

Mar 14, 2024

The partnership enables Avid’s partners to measure the true impact of campaigns and understand brand uplift across the marketing funnel


London, UK, 14th March 2024 - Global ad tech firm Brand Metrics, which helps digital publishers prove the value of their online advertising, today announces a new partnership with Avid Collective, Australia's home of native content, to provide unparalleled insights into the success of its clients’ native content campaigns.


The tie-up will enable Avid’s brand partners and agencies to measure the true impact of native content campaigns and fully understand brand uplift across the marketing funnel, in addition to traditional digital metrics such as engagement duration, session times, impressions and reach.


As part of the partnership, Avid will, for the first time, be able to measure the impact of its native content campaigns across four key additional metrics: brand awareness, brand consideration, brand preference and action intent.


Brand Metrics has worked closely with the Avid team to ensure brand effectiveness studies can be created on written native content campaigns across Avid’s network, while also supporting its publisher network on implementation.


Gavin Merwood, Commercial lead, APAC at Brand Metrics, says: “This first-to-market partnership with Avid Collective has really allowed us to highlight how running native content across multiple publisher types can move the needle on mid-funnel brand lift metrics for advertisers. The scalable nature of our platform means Avid Collective can easily measure large volumes of campaigns and strengthen its data set, as well as using the brand lift data to provide new insights to inform future campaigns.”


Ezechiel Ritchie, Commercial Director at Avid Collective, says: “At Avid, we always try to be at the forefront of innovating our products and solutions. A major focus for the business has been to develop the measurement of impact from the channels, to provide marketers with clear understanding and insight into the success of content campaigns.


“Following extensive research, we believe the partnership with Brand Metrics will create a cost-effective way for brands and agencies to get robust reporting on campaigns they couldn’t previously receive. We see measurement of native content as a critical pillar for our clients using the channel in the coming years, particularly in driving lift across the funnel. This partnership allows Avid, Brand Metrics and our clients to see that uplift.”


Press Contact:

Maryum Sheikh, Press Lead at The Digital Voice


About Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics provides a market-leading platform to measure brand uplift for digital ad campaigns, including display, branded content and video, even campaigns as small as 50,000 impressions, to ensure publishers have tangible proof of their value for even smaller clients. Simple and powerful, its survey-based SaaS technology calculates brand lift across four key metrics: awareness, consideration, brand preference and action intent, and compares these scores against Brand Metrics’ global benchmarks, allowing full comparability from campaign to campaign. Its SaaS technology is used by over 50 global publishers including The Guardian, News UK, National World, New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times and Burda Forward, providing them with tangible proof of their sites’ value. More info:


About Avid Collective

Avid Collective is Australia’s home of native content, unlocking the value of native content for brands and publishers. The Avid Platform 2.0 makes high quality campaigns easy through greater access, impact and scale:

  • Access - a marketplace of 140+ publishers through one platform, with streamlined publisher engagement to make native content easy to buy and execute
  • Impact - measurable campaigns with live reporting dashboards and constant optimisations; making native content reliable and predictable 
  • Scale - activate in a simple and more efficient way than ever before through campaign workflows that are easy to run.


Brands can leverage Avid’s expertise to engage audiences at scale with highly engaging content from a range of trusted voices.