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GumGum’s Award-Winning High-Impact Ad Format, Hang Time, Launches in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

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Apr 2, 2024

Hang Time helps brands stand out in a crowded market, with Attention Time rates that are 40% above standard mobile reveal ad units


London, UK - 2nd of April, 2024 - GumGum, the leading contextual-first, global digital advertising platform, today announced the German, Dutch and Belgian launches of Hang Time, an award-winning, Attention-based mobile ad format that achieved a 135% return on ad spend (ROAS) for global pizza brand, Domino’s, in a UK digital campaign last year.


Hang Time is a full-screen, inline ad format that sits in the middle of an article, with a 1000-pixel footprint supporting 9:16 video. The format appears to ‘hang’ as it flows through the page, with an interactive scrolling timeline that keeps it on screen for longer than other full-page units. This canvas gives creatives a huge storytelling timeline to deliver highly engaging and impactful interactive creatives. 


While most mobile reveal formats start from the bottom of the creative, Hang Time begins at the top, allowing a more natural and linear approach to creative storytelling. Research found this style of inline ad delivery garners an Attention Time rate of 4 seconds, while other reveal units deliver just 2.5 seconds of attention.


“In an increasingly crowded and distracted digital ecosystem, advertisers in Europe are pushing for high impact formats that can captivate audiences and help brands stand out from the crowd,” says Frank Sueltmann, managing director, Northern Europe at GumGum. “Hang Time is the perfect ad format for the Attention age because it provides advertisers with a canvas for enhanced creativity and user engagement, leading to better brand outcomes.”


Hang Time was developed by Playground xyz, the global attention-based advertising platform that was acquired by GumGum in 2021. The format is already available in the UK, where it has become one of GumGum’s most popular ad products.


Hang Time is particularly effective when deployed as part of The Mindset Platform, GumGum’s solution for the future of digital advertising in a cookieless world. The Mindset Platform brings together the power of GumGum’s high impact media products, its advanced cookieless contextual targeting platform Verity™, and Playground xyz’s attention measurement and optimization solution, Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP)


Together, creative, context, and attention bridge the gap between brands and consumers, allowing advertisers to meet audiences with exactly the right mindset for the message, driving increased attention, better outcomes, and boosting ROI.

Last year, global pizza brand Domino’s deployed Hang Time and The Mindset Platform for its “50% off” pizza campaign in the United Kingdom. In a crowded and competitive landscape where third-party cookies continue to depreciate, Domino’s wanted to ensure maximum cut-through. The brand knew that cookieless contextual targeting and high-impact ad formats could play a key role. But they also wanted to explore how attention signals could more effectively optimize their approach and ensure optimal consumer awareness. 


Using The Mindset Platform, Domino’s was able to optimize ad delivery to the contextual categories where attention levels were highest, allowing the brand to reach their most attentive audiences and ensure ultimate spend efficiency. The campaign achieved a ROAS of 135% with Hang Time and a 40% uplift in CTR. It won the award for Game-Changing Technology at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising in 2023.


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About GumGum:

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