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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: eAccountable Teams Up with Skai to Elevate Amazon Advertising

Press release: for immediate release

Sep 13, 2023

SEPTEMBER 2023 - eAccountable is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Skai, formerly known as Kenshoo, aimed at revolutionizing advertising campaigns and providing enhanced reporting insights to clients. After conducting a successful pilot program with a select group of clients over the past three months, eAccountable recognized a sizable increase in capabilities and performance through the utilization of this cutting-edge tool. 

"I am incredibly excited about the partnership between eAccountable and Skai, especially given the remarkable synergy between both companies in our unwavering commitment to client success. It's impressive to see the client growth that eAccountable consistently delivers and I can only imagine the exponential boost that Skai will bring to this journey,”

said Matt Vignieri, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) at Skai about the partnership.

Skai’s omnichannel advertising platform helps Amazon advertisers scale their campaigns, unlocking new levels of performance and operational efficiencies previously unattainable. This is achieved through the platform’s advanced capabilities in planning, activation, optimization, measurement and reporting. Skai is committed to pioneering innovative features that address an advertiser's most significant challenges, aiming to enhance performance, streamline workflows and enable scalable results.

About eAccountable

eAccountable is committed to helping clients drive profitable revenue. By supporting organizations to optimize their marketing and advertising so that they can scale their business, eAccountable crafts custom advertising strategies and manages the execution of all campaign types including affiliate marketing, SEO, paid search, Amazon, email, direct mail, and more.

About Skai

Skai is the only omnichannel platform for performance marketing. Its industry leading retail media solution leverages data from Amazon Ads and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to gain deep insights into customer demographics, income levels, interests, and more for efficient targeting. Skai has developed functionality on top of additional

Amazon’s data advancements, namely Amazon Marketing Stream (Stream), to facilitate real-time ad performance, offering speed and frequency of API data. Featuring a suite of AI-powered tools, including advanced real-time dayparting, search term analytics, portfolio automated bidding, and many more, Skai is poised to elevate ad performance significantly. With Skai, brands are able to create customized dashboards that provide unparalleled visibility into advertising performance and customer engagement, driving incremental growth. 

Contact Information 

Nick Menicucci 

Director of Amazon