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Lumen Registers Increased Views and More Positive Response to Ads using SeenThis Technology

Press release: for immediate release

Apr 26, 2023

Study finds adaptive streaming technology increases attention by 1.7X 


London, UK 26th April 2023: Adaptive streaming company, SeenThis, announces today that a study with Lumen, the leading technology company for attention measurement, found that creatives delivered by SeenThis capture higher attention and more positive responses than delivering the same creatives using conventional technology ​​. The study was commissioned to determine how much attention is generated by SeenThis-enabled streaming video compared to standard video advertising and to understand the impact of SeenThis proprietary streaming technology on the all important metric of attention.


For the test, Lumen compared three streaming creatives from SeenThis with equal size and placementstandard video ads on a popular news website. Lumen then performed a variety of tests, including eye tracking and recall. 


SeenThis is a vast improvement on standard streaming for the delivery of video in an advertising context,, with its proprietary technology optimizing for display and minimizing data transfer. Lumen’s study shows the performance value of this faster and more impactful viewer experience. It found that SeenThis streaming ads generated significant performance improvements. For instance:


  • 80% of ads using SeenThis technology grabbed attention compared to less than half when using conventional technology
  • 78% of ads powered by SeenThis technology were ‘technically viewable’ compared to only two thirds when using conventional technology
  • Prompted brand recall was up by 4% compared to standard banners


“Lumen's findings prove the clear benefit of delivering digital ads with SeenThis technology. Advertisers gain dramatic increases in attention compared to standard video ad delivery technologies,” said Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis.


“Streaming video technology from SeenThis delivers higher actual attention, giving advertisers a clear opportunity to reach a higher number of their audience effectively,” said Mike Follett, CEO and Founder at Lumen.



The test group respondents browsed three webpage articles where each article either included an outstream video ad using SeenThis technology or standard video ads. To conduct the study Lumen enrolled 300 respondents from the UK all aged 18+ to conduct a 10-minute online survey. Additionally, they also enrolled 250 participants as a control group to answer a 5-minute survey. The test groups then answered spontaneously and prompted recall questions. In order to measure attention effects, the study participants accessed Lumen’s software via their mobile phone turning their device into an eye tracking camera. 


About SeenThis:

Since 2017, Swedish tech company SeenThis has been evolving screen experiences for everyone, everywhere. With its groundbreaking adaptive streaming technology, SeenThis is transforming the distribution and climate impact of digital content compared to traditional technology. With billions of streams served for 1000+ brands in 40+ countries, the company is on a journey to reshape the internet — for good. Working across seven offices globally, SeenThis employees are obsessed with creating a truly high-speed and energy-efficient Internet. For more information, visit


About Lumen:

Lumen is the leading attention technology company in the world, with large scale permanent panels in the US and the UK, and temporary panels across many other global markets. Lumen’s eye tracking technology converts the webcam on a users’ phone or desktop computer into a high quality eye tracking camera, capturing not only what users could see, but also what they do in fact look at. Lumen’s eye-tracking panels are recruited to be nationally representative and fully GDPR compliant.

Press Contact: Maryum Sheikh, Press Lead, The Digital Voice™