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MiQ Partners with SeenThis to Advance Sustainability in Digital Advertising

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Apr 18, 2023

Pairing adaptive streaming technology with MiQ’s agnostic, multi-DSP capabilities delivers more sustainable, high-quality ads while supercharging campaign performance


London, UK – April 18, 2023 – As part of its ongoing commitment to addressing pollution caused by online media delivery, leading global programmatic media partner MiQ today announces a new partnership with groundbreaking streaming tech provider, SeenThis. Together, the pair are modernizing creative delivery for eco-conscious brands and agencies, using the power of streaming to advance more sustainable MiQ-driven campaigns across the world.  

Compared to conventional technology used to deliver programmatic creative, SeenThis is fueled by adaptive streaming, which instantly delivers the highest quality creative possible and with less data waste. These ads stream in bite-sized pieces when in-view, ensuring that data is transferred only when actively consumed by users and is otherwise paused. For MiQ and its clients, this reduces data waste by an average of 25%, as well as associated carbon emissions all related to excessive buffering and offscreen loading. It also eliminates reliance on publisher bandwidth to download files and improves the overall user experience for static images, video, and other display formats. This includes: 

  • No creative limits: Creative delivery modernized by streaming tech 
  • Effective delivery of greener campaigns: Wasted impressions are minimized by pausing advertisements when out-of-view 
  • High attention formats: Clients can extend video reach into display formats with over 80% viewability 

Paired with MiQ’s agnostic, multi-DSP optimization tactics and advanced programmatic activation strategies, MiQ and SeenThis have already achieved greener and more performant results for over 100 campaigns to date, including for major fashion houses, tourism brands and next-gen gaming companies. Through faster load times and better viewability, click-through rates have performed 2x better than standard display, resulting in nearly 85K KG of CO2e savings for clients to date, which is equivalent to the pollution from over 3 million plastic bags or driving from New York to L.A. 160+ times.

Against this impressive backdrop, MiQ is using SeenThis technology to develop new streamed formats and expand its streamed offering into other channels beyond display, which will be unveiled in the coming months.

“In 2022, we made great strides with Scope3 and MiQ’s Green Score to measure, reduce, and benchmark carbon emissions across the supply chain,” says Chris Lehman, Global Head of Creative at MiQ. “Our team is fully dedicated to identifying and actioning new ways to address the sustainability needs of the industry. Optimizing and future-proofing the creative that clients use seemed like a natural next step in this continued progression. SeenThis is the perfect partner to aid us in that journey and we look forward to further innovations which enable a greener ad ecosystem.”   

Thomas Houge, CCO at SeenThis adds: “The combination of our innovative creative technology with MiQ’s robust sustainability offering creates something completely new in the market. We’re already seeing the huge benefits that this provides to companies we’re working with together.

We’re eager and ready to facilitate this success for others across the globe and excited to collaborate with MiQ on additional advances this year and beyond.” 

Media Contact:

Maryum Sheikh, Press Lead at The Digital Voice

About SeenThis:

Since 2017, Swedish tech company SeenThis has been evolving screen experiences for everyone, everywhere. With its groundbreaking adaptive streaming technology, SeenThis is transforming the distribution and climate impact of digital content compared to traditional technology. With billions of streams served for 1,000+ brands in 40+ countries, the company is on a journey to reshape the internet — for good. Working across seven offices globally, SeenThis employees are obsessed with creating a truly high-speed and energy-efficient Internet. For more information, visit

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