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Multilocal launches sustainable Private Marketplace solution to deliver high-performing scale at a lower carbon cost 

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Jan 8, 2024

Curation expert Multilocal rolls out exclusive CarbonSmart and partners with carbon intelligence platform Cedara to validate campaign performance 


London, UK, 8th January 2024: Digital advertising curation expert, Multilocal, today announces the launch of its CarbonSmart solution to deliver high-performance, low-emission ad campaigns, validated by leading carbon intelligence platform, Cedara


Traditionally, within a Private Marketplace (PMP), each single impression generates millions of ad calls from the publisher and millions of bid requests from the SSP. In total, trillions of bid transactions occur every day. In a world where a typical online ad campaign emits ca. 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide, every impression counts. 


As the IAB explains, although measurement of carbon emissions in digital advertising is still nascent, now is the time to test, learn and evolve.


By using win-rate match technology to eliminate unnecessary bid transactions within the PMP, Multilocal is able to deliver an average of 80% fewer carbon emissions per campaign, while increasing performance.


Curation itself can drive campaign performance, reducing ad wastage through packaging relevant data, supply and media from the open marketplace into scalable PMPs. It can also successfully identify sites generating less than 1kg of carbon per month across all markets and verticals. Additionally, powered by Multilocal’s exclusive Active Curation process, CarbonSmart eliminates unnecessary bid requests, maintaining impression delivery and performance while significantly reducing carbon emissions. 


In partnership with Cedara, the level of carbon reduction achieved by this optimisation technology can be measured by relating the kilobyte value of each data transfer eliminated with its associated carbon emission. 


Fern Potter, VP Product and Partnerships at Multilocal, says: “Advertisers, agencies and SSPs are understandably concerned at the level of carbon emissions being generated through programmatic ad campaigns - which is currently equivalent to 1.09 grams of CO2 for each impression. We wanted to offer an innovative curation product that allows campaign managers to reach their sustainability goals without compromising on performance. In fact, by eliminating unnecessary bid transactions and streamlining the supply chain, CarbonSmart delivers even higher performance than before.”


Potter adds: “A lot of vendors charge for their green credentials, but in today’s eco-minded industry, why shouldn’t campaign managers enjoy both performance and sustainability? That’s why we’ve made lower carbon emissions a standard part of active curation. And by partnering with Cedara, which has recently launched its own Reduction Marketplace, we can be confident in our efforts to help our customers become more sustainable.”


Eric Shih, Chief Operating Officer at Cedara, says: “Sadly, we’ve seen an increase in ‘green-hushing’ in recent years to protect against perceptions of greenwashing. But for companies offering truly sustainable innovations, it’s important to shout about the value these products are bringing to the industry.” 


Shih continues: “Our strength lies in enabling companies to accurately measure their efforts as they help reduce corporate and supply chain emissions. So it was our pleasure to partner with Multilocal to help validate the carbon emission-lowering capabilities of their product as they begin to move the needle on sustainable advertising.”


CarbonSmart is currently being tested among Multilocal’s customers with successful results across display and video.




Press contact:

Maryum Sheikh, Press Lead, The Digital Voice 


About Multilocal:

Multilocal simplifies the purchasing of programmatic advertising. In the ever-growing complexity of the digital landscape, it delivers audiences at scale, across quality inventory globally. Integrations with eight major SSPs gives the team a full view of all inventory, which it curates along with an array of targeting solutions. This comprises publisher first-party data, search intent, SSP, client data, and the proprietary Contextual+ solution, which is set up for the cookieless era. Multilocal’s proprietary Active Curation process refines audiences to exceed campaign KPIs, and minimises carbon emissions created by the bidding process. Active Curation is key to efficient supply path optimisation and sustainability. Founded by a team of former Microsoft executives, Multilocal has teams in 22 markets on hand to help advertisers and agencies worldwide. For more information, visit


About Cedara:

Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonise and to build a more sustainable future for society. Through its comprehensive product suite, Cedara maps the carbon intensity across supply chains to empower investment teams to decarbonise the supply path across their goods and services. Cedara adopts a high-impact, data driven approach to develop transformative solutions for businesses and their partners to accelerate the shift to a net zero economy. Founded in 2021, Cedara is headquartered in New York City with offices in the US and UK. To learn more, please visit