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New Awin Survey of Marketers Uncovers Multifaceted Advantages of Affiliate Channel

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Feb 7, 2024

Awin, global marketing technology platform, announced a new survey Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Snapshot Study, conducted by Forrester Consulting. The survey details top digital marketing priorities for 2024, marketing challenges and opportunities, and the importance of managing diverse relationships and leveraging innovative partnerships to capitalize on the true potential of affiliate marketing.

Marketers today have distinct objectives that require a blend of forward-looking and reflective strategies. Of those surveyed, 46% invest in emerging technologies, driven by the desire to stay ahead in a tech-centric landscape marked by AI advancements. Equally, 46% of marketers are focused on enhancing measurement capabilities, with 45% shifting to first-party data strategies for customer retention due to changing privacy regulations.

According to the survey, 78% of senior marketers plan to expand their affiliate marketing activities in 2024. However, despite its effectiveness, affiliate and partner marketing currently sees only 7% of budget allocation, clearly contrasting its perceived value. Due to the adaptability and diverse touchpoints of the channel, respondents indicated that advanced tracking and reporting tools, better affiliate partnerships and more tailored guidance could drive more affiliate marketing investment.

The survey findings also show how affiliate marketing can help achieve business objectives, diversify ad spend, and develop a more balanced, ROI-driven marketing program. Additional survey data includes:

  • Diversifying ad spending away from big tech companies is a top priority for 30% of marketers, as 68% of survey respondents are frustrated with the lack of personalized strategic guidance and 67% cited insufficient reporting with the ability to forecast results.
  • Improving data integration across digital marketing channels was a top budget priority for 77% of respondents.
  • 78% said enhancing customer interactions through marketing was a strong focus, with 76% wanting to improve experiences on their own platforms – aiming for the right balance between providing consumers with the autonomy they crave and the superior service and support they appreciate.
  • Affiliate/Partner Marketing was identified as a top three channel for effectiveness at 92%, behind only Content Marketing/Blogs at 96% and Paid Search at 93%.
  • Relationship Management for affiliate marketing is the biggest hurdle for 68% of respondents since it is built off a 1-2-1 relationship model. Despite this challenge, 31% of US marketers view personal connections in affiliate marketing as its unique strength.

“Marketers must get the most out of ad spend while continuing to drive growth and empower the customer journey. This becomes increasingly challenging to achieve especially in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Affiliate marketing offers brands adaptability and multifaceted advantages to demonstrate strong ROI across their channels,” said Awin CEO Adam Ross.

The Opportunity Snapshot by Forrester Consulting was commissioned by Awin and conducted in December 2023. The survey captured the perspectives of 650 director-level and above marketers responsible for managing marketing budgets, affiliate marketing and tech platforms.

For the full data and analysis from the Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Snapshot Study, please click this link