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Phonexa and Anura Partner to Protect Lead Generators and Affiliate Networks from Ad Fraud

Press release: for immediate release

Sep 18, 2023

Performance marketing automation software Phonexa and ad fraud solutions provider Anura have partnered to release an integration for clients and prospects alike to eliminate ad fraud and reduce spend on fraudulent campaigns.

Together with Anura and Phonexa, lead generators, advertisers, and affiliate networks can now ban bots, malware, and human fraud when processing leads.

Phonexa customers will be able to use Anura within their Phonexa account to identify suspicious activity based on Anura's offerings and protect against both invalid traffic and human fraud in real-time. For those utilizing ping-post models, the integration can be used both on ping and post, or only on ping or post alone.

By leveraging Anura within Phonexa's iClear, a fraud prevention, data verification and hygiene, and data append tool, customers can implement highly customized rule sets and take the guesswork out of fraud detection. 

"Anura and Phonexa both cater to lead generators, affiliate networks, and brands that are looking to prevent lead fraud, and this partnership and integration is pivotal to protect our partners," said Phonexa COO Jeffrey Schaffer. "Anura detects fraud with 99.999% accuracy with their industry-leading fraud solutions. That takes the guesswork out of fraud detection, making their tools a great asset to drive definitive results and improve conversions around marketing spend."

"The partnering of Anura with Phonexa has been a game-changer for both companies," said Rich Kahn, CEO of Anura. "The seamless integration of Anura's cutting-edge fraud protection technology with Phonexa's comprehensive marketing platform has created a powerhouse solution that allows businesses to eliminate fraud while managing their performance all in one place." 

On Tuesday, August 22 at 11 a.m. PDT, Schaffer and Kahn will be hosting a webinar to discuss how to identify bad lead sources and key ad fraud indicators, vetting leads once they're in your ecosystem, and driving good leads to profitable outcomes. To register for the webinar, click here

Ad fraud is so profitable for criminals that it is expected to cost advertisers $100 billion this year. Anura estimates that 25 percent of all paid traffic is fraudulent, and that programmatic campaigns have fraud rates averaging 50 percent

Are you wondering how much ad fraud is costing you? Use the calculator to find out

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